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24 Hour Rap-A-Thon


24 Hour Rap-A-Thon 2014

1. “24” (download MP3)
2. “Kick Punch” (download MP3)
3. “The City” (download MP3)
4. “Dazzler” (Download MP3)
5.“Legend” (download MP3)
6. “Ebola” (download MP3)
7.“Nelson & Murdock” (Download MP3)
8. “Mutant Revolution” (Download MP3)
9. “Batroc” (download MP3)
10. “Spider-Gwen” (download MP3)
11. ”John::Jean” (Download MP3)
12. ”Comics & Video Games” (Download MP3)
13. ”Lying” (Download MP3)
14. ”No Hooks” (Download MP3)
15. ”Anti-Hero” (download MP3)
16. ”Fin Fang Foom” (Download MP3)
17. ”Steve Rogers” (Download MP3)
18. “Hard Times”  (Download MP3)

There it is, the 18 songs I made in a day for the 24 Hour Rap-A-Thon. Thank you to everyone who listened, who helped promote it, who donated. A healthy portion of the proceeds will go to RAINN, so thank you to them for their support and the good work they do.

It means a lot to me that my music can help accomplish some good in the world. It’s hard to think that these silly songs about Star Trek and comics can do any good beyond being just silly distractions, so this Rap-A-Thon has been an incredible experience for me.

I have had a lot of people very close to me, loved ones, who’ve been survivors of sexual violence. Beyond that, I seem to know even more people who share this experience, having loved ones be survivors as well. In this day and age (especially with topical stories like gamergate and all that), nerd and geek culture can be a toxic place for not just women, but a lot of demographic segments. It’s easy to hate, to threaten, to be generally terrible people. And it’s sad to me to see so many self-proclaimed nerds fall victim to things like rape threats or homophobic/misogynistic insults hurled around like it doesn’t mean anything. It means something incredibly hurtful to a lot of people. Those aren’t the kind of nerds that I want representing what I do, or who I am. So I hope you can continue to be good to people, or maybe think twice before hurling around bullshit that affects people in very real ways on a daily basis.

If you are struggling, if you are hurting, not just with sexual violence but with depression, with anything – please find help. You can google any number of organizations that are there to help 24 hours a day. Or, just find a friend and talk to someone, just tell people you’re hurting. You’d be surprised to find how many people are also hurting, and how many more people are ready to help.

I’ll be sending out an email to donors shortly, when I recover from the day. Thanks for a great day.

And more free music comin’ when I can stomach looking at that microphone again. Which will probably be like Tuesday or something.

You can still pledge by emailing a per-song or lump sum donation now! 18 songs in a day!

“Old Man Logan (Remastered)” [24 Hour Rap-A-Thon Flashback]

Old Man LoganAdam WarRock “Old Man Logan (Remastered)” (Free Download)
Beat used: Reks “All In One”

THIS SATURDAY, I’ll be doing a 24 Hour Rap-A-Thon. For one straight day, I’ll be writing, recording and posting songs as fast as I can make them. You can pledge a per-song or lump sum donation to the Rap-A-Thon and support! A portion of all proceeds will benefit, the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization. 


I thought I’d post one of the songs from the last Rap-A-Thon that I did in 2014, to give a good measure of the quality of songs I’m still able to make at such a quick clip. Here’s the full list of songs from the first Rap-A-Thon (minus one, that I had taken down for some technical reasons).

I hope you’ll take a moment and email, and pledge some small support.

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“Clark Kent” [free tunes]

Clark Kent Cover

Adam WarRock “Clark Kent” (Free MP3)
Beat used: Chiddy Bang “Ray Charles”

First, I don’t often talk about the beats I use – mostly because I just grab them from wherever I find them and know nothing about the song itself. It’s rare that I know a song, and want to use the beat. I did here, and used Chiddy Bang’s “Ray Charles,” which is an amazing song and everyone should go check out, and hey, buy it, bc you know, musicians deserve support. For some reason, I had this hook in my head, and it kind of spiraled into this song about a guy named Clark Kent who works at LexCorp as an office drone. And everyone thinks he’s Superman, but he’s not, and has to just live his life with everyone assuming he is, which makes him sad. Or something. I don’t know, I just had a catchy hook in my head. So I hope you enjoy it.

You should also read some of the comments on my Taylor Swift “Shake It Off” rap on Youtube. It’s amusing.


On October 18, I’ll be doing a 24 Hour Rap-A-Thon to benefit to fight sexual violence and abuse. What’s a Rap-A-Thon? It’s where I write, record and release as many songs as possible in one 24 hour period. People pledge a per-song amount or lump sum donation. We raise money for a good cause.

If you want to support, email, and pledge a per-song amount (you can set a maximum amount) or lump sum amount. After the Rap-A-Thon is over, I will email you and you can submit your payment via paypal or other digital means. Last time I did this, I made 16 songs in one day – this time, I’m going to try to break that record. Support and a great charity and cause, and pledge your support!

After the Rap-A-Thon, I’ll talk about my upcoming plans for album releases and the such, which I’ve been  hard at work on in the downtime. So get excited for new releases hopefully coming soon!

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“Shake (It Off)” [free tunes]


Adam WarRock “Shake” (Download MP3)
Beat used: Taylor Swift “Shake It Off”


So I made this song, and I should probably credit my friend Carey for introducing me to “Shake It Off” one morning in her office, with her yelling at me “You should make a rap song out of this!” She planted the seed in my head, that later became this song. And I have to say, I’m pretty proud of it. I have a tradition of taking famous pop songs and making raps out of them, so I guess it was only a matter of time before I took this song and flipped it (and for the record, I have always loved this song since that first morning in Carey’s office, I ain’t embarrassed. It’s a great pop song). So here’s a good way to get your week off and popping, or something.

alg-jerry-lewis-jpgDon’t forget, my 24 Hour Rap-A-Thon is still happening October 18! For 24 hours straight, I will write, record and post music, and you can pledge a per song amount or lump sum donation by emailing! A portion of all proceeds go to, to fight sexual violence and abuse. Support indie music, support a good cause, tune in and watch me make a ton of music from scratch!

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“After the Credits Scene” [free music]

The Collector - After the Credits Scene cover

Adam WarRock “After the Credits Scene” (Download MP3)
Beat used: Jay Park “Evolution”

You know that feeling you get, after watching one of these modern superhero flicks? That time between the end of the movie, and waiting for the after-the-credits scene? When you sit around with your friends, adrenaline pumping, geeking out, just wasting time as those credits roll by? No, just me? Okay.

In any case, I wrote a song just riffing on that kind of an abstract concept, and I’m pretty proud of it. I hope you enjoy it.

Hey, go check out Mikal kHill’s new EP, I do a guest spot on it. You should also check out Tribe One’s new EP.

Now, get yer wallets out errbody!


My 24 Hour Rap-A-Thon is still happening October 18. I will write, record and post music for 24 Hours straight, all in the name of raising money, a portion of which will benefit, the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence and abuse charity. Last time I did this (in the infamous laptop theft of 2012), I made 16 songs in 24 hours. This year, I am trying to break 20.

You can donate by emailing, and pledging a per-song or lump sum amount. If you wish, you can set a maximum amount for your pledge. I’m excited to make a bunch of music for you, and raise some money for a good cause in the process.

So please support if you can, and let’s do some good in the name of nerd rap! Or..something like that.

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