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“Gideon Graves” (Download MP3) Beat Used: Hot Chelle Rae “Hung Up” Click the button above, or donate here. It’s Donation Drive, and other than the ton of rewards you get for any donation, I’ll be releasing new music throughout July 3. … Continue reading

Adam WarRock “The Regular Show Way” (MP3 | Lyrics) Beat used: Dipset “Salute” I got the flu this week, like everyone in the world got. After Chris showed me the wonderfulness that is JG Quintel’s Regular Show on Sunday for … Continue reading

Just a quick update before the weekend. My tour dates have been updated! I’m running around the country for a number of reasons, and while I’m going a hither and thither, I’m going to do some shows! It’s just me, … Continue reading

Adam WarRock “Late Night” (MP3 | Lyrics) Production by Rob Viktum  Last year, my new year track was about having a Ryan Gosling year. This year, it’s about Jimmy Fallon. Here, let me explain…  I can still remember when Late Night with Jimmy Fallon … Continue reading

Today is the last day to donate for the album and screen-printed card that all 24 Hour Rap-A-Thon Donors/Pledges will be receiving. THIS IS YOUR LAST DAY TO DONATE. You will get a card with an individual, exclusive download code. … Continue reading

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