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24 Hour Rap-A-Thon 2014 1. “24” (download MP3) 2. “Kick Punch” (download MP3) 3. “The City” (download MP3) 4. “Dazzler” (Download MP3) 5.“Legend” (download MP3) 6. “Ebola” (download MP3) 7.“Nelson & Murdock” (Download MP3) 8. “Mutant Revolution” (Download MP3) 9. “Batroc” (download MP3) 10. “Spider-Gwen” (download MP3) … Continue reading

Announcing The 24 Hour Rap-A-Thon October 18, 2014 With proceeds going to & RAINN (Poster art by Erica Henderson) Email today and pledge!  I’m very excited to announce the second Adam WarRock 24 Rap-A-Thon! I could not be more honored … Continue reading

Adam WarRock “Shaun” (Download Mp3) Beat used: Wale “Walk N Live” I saw Shaun of the Dead when I was in law school with my friend Sarah. We just happened to be walking through a mall that had an advance … Continue reading

Adam WarRock “Advice To Young Rappers” Beat Used: J. Cole “Let Nas Down” ALL DONORS GET: -NEW MIXTAPE ALBUM -LIVE BAND ALBUM -SUPER ART FIGHT PIN UP GALLERY! (all rewards are sent to paypal email) The Donation Drive is going … Continue reading

It’s May! Which means in about a month and a half, the fourth-annual Donation Drive will happen at If you aren’t aware, every year I release tons of free music, somewhere close to 550 free songs since I started … Continue reading

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