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TrackLog 77 – Best Friends! (Nedroid!)

Adam WarRock “Best Friends! (Nedroid!)”
(image courtesy of Anthony Clark – click on it to enlarge)

Download the track (link) (lyrics)

I can’t remember exactly when I first experienced the joy of Anthony Clark’s Nedroid. But I’m pretty sure that soon after, I spent a half day at work combing through the archives and laughing loudly in my office. To this day, my friends and I still share links to Nedroid’s comics on a weekly basis.

Anyway, now I will tell you a very nice story about Anthony that happened long before I had this site and did music full-time. I used to help run a now-defunct website. One year, at SPX, me and some other bloggers on the site learned that Nedroid would be there, and we thought we could find him and get him to do a sketch for us. Turns out that year, he was just walking around and hanging out. So we posted an SPX post, and lamented that we missed him being there, and how we wanted to buy stuff from him and pay him for a sketch. I guess Anthony saw a linkback or something, and he emailed us and offered to do free sketches for us about anything we wanted. To this day, I still have that sketch hanging above my desk. That is why Anthony is such a cool guy.

And now, like a beautiful circle of life, this song exists. I really don’t know what else to say about Nedroid, because I honestly cannot believe that you would be a fan of my music and not regularly read his comics. I wanted to make a song where Reginald and Beartato had a rap battle, and it just made sense that they’d battle to see who was better friends with the other. The Harrison hatred was just a cherry on the top.

So Happy Thanksgiving. What better thing to be thankful for than best friends?


Beat Used: “Microphone Killa” Jake One

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