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[New Single] “I Will Do Science To It (kHill Remix)”

Oh my goodness, what’s this? A remix of “I Will Do Science To It” by Mikal kHill of The ThoughtCriminals (additonal guitar by Kevin Morgan). The sciencetastic story anthem to Aaron Diaz’s awesome webcomic, Dresden Codak, is now available in a new single form (original TrackLog song here).

The single is pay what you want, drop a buck (or more!) if you’re feelin’ generous. Or download it for free, and just help spread the word to your friends. All proceeds are equally split between Dresden Codak, the ThoughtCriminals and me. Support some good, independent art!

Song Credits:
Vocals and lyrics by Adam WarRock
Produced by Mikal kHill of the ThoughtCriminals
Additional guitar by Kevin Morgan of The ThoughtCriminals
Art and webcomic, Dresden Codak, by Aaron Diaz

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  • Lyrics says:

    (whispered chorus) Dresden Codak
    Singularity technological various science realism and fictional told characters,
    Psychological cybernetic artifactual flow, painting with a brush so light now you know;
    I seen this girl named Kimiko – and yo – she was eye’n me while watching the Historical Pre-Enactment Society,
    As a matter of fact its something stranger than that, her friends were in the back these twins that tookem at.
    They acted like they never ever seen a steam powered cyborg from the future powered from a mic ‘fore.
    I spoke and they ignored my serialized word, I bolted from the stand and they chased me from the storm,
    And the lightning struck twice – kinda in the same place – and it fried my motherboard and it froze me in my place,
    And I blacked out, and the last thing that I heard was Kimiko standin’ over me and saying these words:

    (chorus) Boy I’ma do science to it.
    (whispered chorus) Dresden Codak
    (chorus) Boy I’ma do science to it.
    (whispered chorus) Dresden Codak

    I woke and Tiny Carl Jung was askin’ me questions,
    My RAM was cleaned out, no memory retention.
    But now I looked down and had a cybernetic leg and a mechanized eye with some metal in my head,
    And I said: What the hell yo, what’s goin’ on here?
    And I spoke so loud they had to cover up their ears,
    ‘Cause my vocal chords were reinforced with sonic boom blasters,
    And the Doppler effect was movin’ round the room faster.
    They told me I was from the future, a higher being, evolution juiced up from future rapper dosearch(?),
    But just then the ceiling caved in as three men tried to overtake them, Kimiko started racin’,
    To grab the nearest phasor as the twins started pummelin’ shots of heat wave blast, the men were fighting back,
    When just then Kimiko turned and asked me to help a glint caught my eye as I said to myself:

    (chorus) Girl I’ma do science to it.
    (whispered chorus) Dresden Codak
    (chorus) Girl I’ma do science to it.
    (whispered chorus) Dresden Codak

    I opened my mouth and I started to speak and Kimiko grabbed the box and served up the beat,
    And I pushed back the roof when I dropped these rhymes and the ground started shakin’ and the earth started quakin’
    And we saw the clouds gather and heard the thunder crack, and my flow kept expanding and everyone fell back,
    With the impact, my voice had opened up a worm hole, sucked up the house and everyone else whole,
    And the molecules began to decompose without a sound and the earth started spinning the other – way – around,
    And we watched it as it spread wide and caused a super nova so the forces were in conflict burning the implosion.
    I could feel my parts becoming undone as nuts and bolts came loose and I could feel my body start to lose the flow,
    And Kimiko let go of my hand and lost her soul, the last words in history that ever were told:

    (chorus) I will do science to it.
    (whispered chorus) Dresden Codak
    (chorus) I will do science to it.
    (whispered chorus) Dresden Codak

    Dresden Codak and Adam WarRock for 2010 you internet suckers.

  • Slade Punchingsteele says:

    I really like the tune but i prefer the original one as the part by Adam WarRock fits better with the tune.

  • nobody says:

    Thats cute, the link to the original just cycles back to the remix anyway. I can’t hear the original to see what the difference is.

  • Chris says:

    They told me I was from the future, a higher being, evolution juiced up from future rapper dosearch(?)



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