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TrackLog 85 – Back Home (LBFA & Adam WarRock)

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“Back Home (LBFA & Adam WarRock)” by Adam WarRock

At last, we can finally talk about this! (more in this ComicsAlliance interview)

So I moved back to Memphis, TN in the past month. The reason was me and Let’s Be Friends Again! are going to essentially merge together into this multi-racial amalgam of comics awesomeness. What does that mean? Well, we’re going to be sharing office space and table together at cons. I’m working on some collaborative work with the guys to hopefully produce some projects that involve both art and music. And eventually, our websites will sort of merge into this single breathing entity.

But the biggest advantage is just being around other people doing creative work full-time. Chris recently quit his dayjob to focus on doing LBFA!, both guys are going to have a lot more flexibility to travel, and we’re already getting a lot done in preparation for the coming convention season. For now, I would just say, go check out out Curt and Chris’s comic, if you haven’t lately. It’s going to get even awesomer than the high level of quality it was already operating at.

Not much will change here for the time being, but I can tell you that I am working on a LOT of new music with some really interesting collaborators, and a couple of bigger projects that I’ll talk about more down the line.  I’m also in the process of trying to organize a west coast tour in the summertime (email me if you can help!). But for now, it just feels good to be back home in Memphis (where I grew up), working with two guys I really detest and loathe…err…really respect and admire.

(Photo courtesy of Joey Miller)

For the song, I remember Chris telling me, “Hey, can you make this song be about how awesome we are? Use lots of curse words.” So this is what resulted. And we were all better off for it.

Beat Used: “Damn It Feels Good To Be a Gangsta’” Geto Boys

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