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WarRock TrackLog 20 – The Great Recession


I’ve been meaning to write a song about the economy (y’know, the way rappers do). I finally got my hands on a beat that fit what I wanted to do, and wrote this out. I’d say it came out pretty well, if not kinda depressing. I’m hoping to do more topical, intellectual stuff like this soon.

I should also clarify the reference to the “past the white house front lawn” line is about the park in front of the white house, which is full of murderous bums. Just in case there’s any confusion that I’m trying to violently overthrow the government. Which I’m not. I promise, FBI.

Download the track (link)
Beat used: “Welcome to the World” Mr. Lif

4 Responses to WarRock TrackLog 20 – The Great Recession

  • Baltimoron says:

    Nice track, man. Looking forward to the album.

    The sad part is that your line “the son of a steelworker stays a steelworker” isn’t even accurate these days. Most steelworkers’ sons would kill to inherit their dads’ living-wage union jobs. But those jobs are disappearing faster than Susan Storm in a crowd of Doombots.

    Nah, the son of a steelworker is a cashier at Wal Mart who gets paid to teach people to use the self-checkout machine the company bought to replace him.

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