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Ryan Gosling Year – TrackLog 98 [free tunes]

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“Ryan Gosling Year” by Adam WarRock
Beat by Mikal kHill 

I have an unintentional tradition of making the first free TrackLog song of each new year to be some kind of grand, “I’m back,” “this is my year” statement. Like this song. Or this one. That seems what new years are good for, right?

I realized that in the past month, I have watched all the movies Ryan Gosling starred in 2011 (Drive, Ides of March, Crazy Stupid Love). I read an Esquire magazine with him as the cover feature. He seems like he had a good year. So I wrote this song. I will have my Ryan Gosling year in 2012. Or….I won’t. But that’s what the new year’s is for, right? To think this year will be a big one?

So let’s say I’ll have a Ryan Gosling year in 2012. It just sounds good, doesn’t it? Enjoy, and stay tuned. I’ll be back to posting tons o’ free music on the reg. That’s what the Adam WarRock TrackLog is for.


[New album is coming - the first single is out]
I have a new full-length album coming out on February 13.  I released the first single, “616,” which you can listen to and download for free here, or watch a youtubes of here. I’ll be touring to support it, so stay tuned for some announcements.

[New Tshirts]
Artist Tracie Mauk made me a great new tshirt design, and the merch store is restocked with tshirt sizes. Buy one, won’t you?

[Kracklefest 2012 - Emerald City Comic-Con]
I’ll be back in Seattle at Kracklefest! on March 30 at the Hard Rock Cafe. This year, it’ll be me, Kirby Krackle, and Marian Call! Check out the tour page for info and tickets.

[Mikal kHill - Dust]
Did you know that Mikal kHill, the guy who did this beat and also produced all of the Browncoats Mixtape, is also an amazing rapper too? He released a solo LP, Dust, with beats by Romero Shaw, and you should go check it out and buy it here.

[The Tracklog is a free ongoing mixtape of rough song ideas mixtape verses, and unmastered b-sides, updated weekly.]

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