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Masocore – TrackLog 99 [free tunes]

Download the track (MP3) (lyrics)
“Masocore” by Adam WarRock

Beat by Danny Baranowsky
“Meat Boy (Flesh)” Super Meat Boy Soundtrack (buy that ish)

I’ve been playing a lot of Super Meat Boy, lately. Trying to 100% that game is like letting someone continuously punch you in the nuts. For those who don’t know the terminology, Super Meat Boy is a game from the genre known as “masocore,” which, as my favorite video game website defines it

Through trial and error gameplay, complex game mechanics and intense difficulty, masocore games are specifically designed to frustrate players over and over again.

Or in other words, infinite nut punches.

I had the pleasure of meeting a certain Mr. Danny Baranowsky at my Scottsdale, AZ show last October. It was hilarious, because he was being introduced to me, and when MegaRan informed me he was the guy who did the soundtrack to Super Meat Boy, I basically geeked the hell out at him. Probably scared him. I love that soundtrack, and you should buy it and listen to the hell out of it.

So I rapped on one of his dope ass tracks.


  • I’m going on a West Coast Tour with Kirby Krackle in February! (dates)
  • I have a new album coming out Feb 13. First single’s here! (link)
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