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Jane – TrackLog 101 [free tunes]

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“Jane” by Adam WarRock

Beat used: “Moves Like Jagger” Maroon 5
Single cover design: Kevin Church  

A while ago, I made a song called “June” to Justin Bieber’s “Baby” beat. The whole point of that exercise was to see if I could take an obnoxiously poppy song and make a good rap song out of it. Since, it’s basically turned one of the most beloved songs that I’ve ever created. Such is the power of Bieber.

Since then, I’ve tried my damnedest to find a new pop song to replace “June” with, b/c well, “Baby” is not really still topical, and I’m kinda tired of the song. I don’t know why “Moves Like Jagger” came across my radar. For the record, I don’t think it’s necessarily a HORRIBLE song, it’s just kind of inoffensively stupid, but maybe in an enjoyable way? Who knows. I heard a good beat, and I wanted to rap over it.

I’ve had an idea to make a Jane Austen-based song for a long time. I was sitting around, talking to my friend Dave about an idea for this beat. I originally wanted the song to be pretty different, focusing on smart women and coming up with some kind of hook for the track. We both started throwing out names of smart women in history, and Jane Austen came up. And then it just turned into a track about how much I hate going to a club. It’s sort of about Jane Austen, but then, it’s sort of not. Because the idea is that if you don’t go to the clubs with everyone else, the stereotypical image is of someone sitting at home, doing something like READING *gasp*….as if. Even though….that’s…kinda what I do a lot of times.

Dave’s wife, Raina, is actually the girl on the phone at the beginning of the track. The most ironic thing is that she is a librarian who would probably never actually go to a club.

Also, I didn’t make up that refrain. It’s an homage to this. Enjoy.

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