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Downton – TrackLog 104 [free tunes]

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“Downton” by Adam WarRock
Beat used: “Deja Vu (Uptown Baby)” Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz
Cover design: The inimitable Kevin Church 

I have basically less than two days before I leave for tour again,  but you know I gotta hit you with some free music!

Downton Abbey is the kind of thing that you hear about, and you’re all like, “That sounds terrible.” And then even one of your best friends won’t shut up about it, and then you have to fly to Seattle and see that the first season is only $9.99 on iTunes (God bless you PBS), and you watch it on the plane, and get completely obsessed with it. And then you’re calling your friend and saying things like “I’m at the part where Matthew Crawley is investigating the entail for Lord Grantham, and the Dowager Countess finds out about it,” and you realize you’re whispering because honestly, what the HELL are you even saying?

Anyway, enjoy it. Here’s some updates:

-Buy my new album!
-I’ve opened up the merch store until I leave this Saturday. Buy some merch!
-I’ll be showcasing at SXSW on March 13 at the Flamingo Cantina. More info here.

And this Saturday, I’m joining the Vs. Tour with Random & Willie Evans Jr. Come out and see a show!

  • Conundrum at West Columbia, SC (tix)
  • Bottletree at Birmingham AL (tix)
  • Jack Rabbits at Jacksonville, FL (tix)
  • A Comic Shop at Orlando, FL (tix)
  • AL Music Box at Mobile, AL
  • Smoke & Barrel at Fayetteville, AR (tix)
  • The Aardvark at Fort Worth, TX (tix)
  • Check Other Outfitters at Houston, TX (tix)

[The Tracklog is a free ongoing mixtape of rough song ideas mixtape verses, and unmastered b-sides, updated weekly.]

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