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TrackLog 106 – King [free tunes]

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“King” by Adam WarRock
Beat produced by Mikal kHill
Sample used: really? You need me to tell you?
Cover design by Kevin Church 

I can’t lie. When I came up with the beat idea for this song, I told kHill it was going to be gangster and over-the-top aggressive to juxtapose against the beat. But then, I started writing to it. And lo and behold, a real song came out of it.

Which allows me to speak a bit about what goes on at this site. I don’t mind being known as the guy that samples TV shows and movies, the guy that made that Downton Abbey song. I hope that people realize that I take music seriously, I just like making songs about stuff I genuinely do love. I love Lion King. Like seriously, to an unhealthy degree. You can think it’s stupid, or fluffy, but there’s no reason that something pop culture-based should be seen as disposable or marginal. If you love something, if something is important to you, who gives a damn if it’s not Proust or Godard? It’s important because it makes your life better, whether in a small or huge way.

I make music to hopefully create something positive, whether it’s a smile or something more meaningful. And with this song, good thoughts go out to me and kHill’s homie Anton, who has been going through some hellish stuff lately. Keep your head up, Anton. All our best.

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Hey SEATTLE, I’ll be performing at The Hard Rock Cafe on Friday, March 30 at Kracklefest, as part of Emerald City Comic-Con, alongside Kirby Krackle and Marian Call. Tickets and info here.

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