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All Around the World, Same Song

Funny things happen when you do a press photo shoot with Joey Miller. Like you take your pants off. Anyway, I’ve been fairly busy, so maybe you’ve missed some of my recent stuff with the blast of posts?

TrackLog songs lately:
-“Justified” (TV)
-Space Ghost: Coast to Coast EP
-“Lex Luthor”
-“King” (Lion King) 

I also wrote a guest blog at You Offend Me, You Offend My Family, and it got a pretty great reception this week. It’s about how I quit my job to be a rapper, and I’m pretty proud of it. Read it if you’d like!

This weekend I’ll be in Atlanta, performing a short set at Kollaboration 5 on Saturday. I won the grand prize last year, and I’m sure there will be amazing performers this year. Come on out, and come to the after-party! (info)

I’ll be at Rutgers Geek Week on 4/20, performing at the Costume Dance Party. Students get in free, costumed people get in free, I believe tix for others are $5, but don’t quote me on that. You want to come out, right? (info)

I also did a theme song for my buddies at the Slashfilmcast. It was a huge honor, seeing as the /Filmcast was one of the first podcasts I ever listened to regularly, and it’s regularly the best movie podcast around. Go check out their most recent ep.

Also, shows shows shows. Some of these cities, it’s my first time out! Come and say hi, rock with us!

May 12 – EGA w/ Soup or Villainz – Indianapolis, IN
May 14 – Ruby Tuesday w/ Soup Or Villainz, MC Cool Whip – Columbus, OH (inf0)
May  16 – Pittsburgh Comics – Pittsburgh, PA
May 18 – Philadelphia, PA – Details TBA
May 19 – Super Art Fight Charity Show! – Baltimore, MD (info)
May 25 – The Milestone w/ Mikal kHill, Tribe One – Charlotte, NC
July 9 –  Littlefield’s w/ Michael Kupperman and Guests TBA – NYC

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