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Adam WarRock “When The Winter Comes” [free tunes]

Adam WarRock “When the Winter Comes” (MP3 |Lyrics)

Beat: Block McCloud “Crazy Man (Straitjacket Remix)” 
Single cover designed by Chris Haley

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I finally watched ALL OF Game of Thrones this past weekend, after getting countless emails from people saying “Hey, why don’t you do a Game of Thrones track?” or “Why not a Game of Thrones rap?” or “Hey, why are you so stupid, do a Game of Thrones song.” It’s not that I had anything against the show, I just hadn’t gotten around to it. It took Curt Franklin talking about it incessantly, and Chris Haley actually putting DVDs in my hands for me to finally sit down and watch it. And guess what? It was awesome! I mean, obviously.

So here’s the song everyone wanted. So stop emailing me about it.

I’ve got a massive sale on old tshirt designs (while sizes last) at the merch store. $8-$10 per shirt. Go check it out. 

Or hey, buy some music!  I’ll have a new EP coming out 5.14.12. More on that soon, but it’s going to be $5 for 7 tracks, and takes aim at a pretty huge, historic geek property.

Live Shows

May 12 – EGA w/ Soup or Villainz – Indianapolis, IN (info)
May 14 – Ruby Tuesday w/ Soup Or Villainz, MC Cool Whip – Columbus, OH (inf0)
May  16 – Pittsburgh Comics – Pittsburgh, PA (info)
May 19 – Super Art Fight Charity Show! – Baltimore, MD (info)
May 25 – The Milestone w/ Mikal kHill, Tribe One – Charlotte, NC
July 9 –  Littlefield’s w/ Michael Kupperman and Guests TBA – NYC

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