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Adam WarRock “Gravity Falls” [free tunes]

Adam WarRock “Gravity Falls” (MP3) (lyrics)
Beat used: Brad Breeck’s “Gravity Falls Theme”
w/ beat assistance from Vince Vandal

Ok. So. I’m back from some travel and the post-Donation Drive week. Let’s talk about Gravity Falls.

A few weeks ago, Chris Haley emailed me a link, and basically said, “Watch this. Now.” It was the pilot episode of Gravity Falls. I had no idea what it was, or that it even existed, up until this point. I had been going through a very weird, stressful time for a lot of personal reasons, and well…Gravity Falls made it better. For a while, Gravity Falls was the most consistent source of joy in my life. Since then, me and Chris have been pretty obsessed, to the great delight of everyone watching us slowly lose our minds over how much we love Gravity Falls. To the point where I was literally running around Connecticon this past weekend, searching for only Gravity Falls cosplayers to take pictures with. Here’s the best one:

I wish I knew their names, but alas, to me, they are merely Dipper, Grunkle Stan, and Mabel. I don’t know what it is about the show: maybe it’s the fact that it’s the most laugh-out-loud funny show I’ve seen in a while, maybe it’s because Mabel and Dipper are the kind of prideful dorks that I think all of us older nerds wish we could be more of at times. Maybe it’s the insane amount of mythology and mystery hidden in the show. Maybe it’s the weirdly mature and relevant life lessons that are in a show for children. Or maybe it’s just awesome.

Regardless, I’m not embarrassed to show my love for this show, and it’s been fun getting to talk about that intense love with tons of other people. I hope this show lasts forever, becomes the biggest thing since sliced bread, and that someday, I, too, can have adventure like Dipper and Mabel do every week.

It makes me feel like this, every time I watch it:

So yeah, I’m going on tour soon. You should buy some of Chris’s art, to help him get a new computer and to thank him for exposing me to Gravity Falls. Follow the creator Alex Hirsch on twitter. And go watch it! GO WATCH IT NOW!

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