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NOFRIENDS Tour – Sponsors Week, Show Listings & Fun Razor album!

If you didn’t get the picture yet, Jesse Dangerously, Mikal kHill, Tribe One & Me are going on tour in September. Here are the dates:

9/2 Chicago, IL – Burlington Bar
9/3 Pontiac, MI – Crofoot Pike Room w/ Sample the Martian
9/4 Cleveland, OH – Roc Bar w/ MC Cool Whip
9/5 Philly, PA – M-Room w/ DevoSpice & Zilla Persona
9/6 Worcester, MA – That’s Entertainment! w/ Shane Hall
9/7 New Haven, CT – Cafe Nine w/ Ceschi Ramos
9/8 Brooklyn, NY – Grand Victory w/ Schaffer the Darklord
9/9 Baltimore, MD – Metro Gallery w/ Super Art Fight!
9/10 Chesapeake, VA – Chicho’s Pizza w/ Nerdlucks
9/11 Chapel Hill, NC – Local 506
9/12 Atlanta, GA – Drunken Unicorn
9/13 W. Columbia, SC – The Conundrum
9/14 Charlotte, NC – The Milestone w/ Sulfur & friends

We released an album of new music, wherein each of us rap on each other’s beats. It will help us raise some gas money, and it’s $10 for an album full of all new music. Here’s the track I made over Jesse Dangerously’s “Halifax Rap Legend” beat:

Check it out, and help us raise some money. This is a tour that was booked, managed, and is going to be put on 100% independently. This is how we earn our living money, and having shows in these cities booked with good turnout is vital to our livelihood and future in this rap biz. If you can come out to a show, we would love you forever.

This week, I’m going to give some shout outs and focus on the sponsors for this tour. We could not have gotten Jesse out of the frosty North, nor gotten Tribe One out of the humid, swampy south without them. So please, check out our sponsors and show them some love for supporting great indie nerd music!

GeekDad is a blog with a focus on parenting, culture and technology. Started by Wired editor-in-chief Chris Anderson in 2007, it is presently headed by New York Times bestselling author Ken Denmead. GeekDad was included in Time Magazine’s Best Blogs of 2010, and has been named one of Computerworld’s “Top 10 Best-written Blogs.”

As if you needed another reason to read’s GeekDad, they’ve long been a supporter of nerd music and culture, no doubt thanks to the GeekDad HipTrax Podcast run by friend-of-the-site Z, also the head of Hipster Please!. Always a big supporter of Nerdapalooza as well, the site definitely deserves your attention. Kids aren’t required to enjoy the site, there’s plenty for everyone, but it definitely helps!

Follow GeekDad on twitter. 

Geek Week is an annual week of events celebrating geek culture at Rutgers University. We strive to dispel myths and prejudices about being a geek, explore nerd identity, and have a ton of fun in the process. Geek Week 2012 featured performances by Nick Offerman, MC Chris, Adam WarRock DJ Cutman, and events including a costume dance party, Nerd Girl panel, movie marathons, gaming, nerdy trivia, science and math competitions, surprise speakers, and other celebrations and examinations of geek fandom and culture.

I was lucky enough to perform at the inaugural Geek Week event at Rutgers University, and found a community of positivity and support for people simply loving the awesome stuff that they love. Performances by Nick Offerman aka Ron Swanson himself, mc chris, panels, gaming tournaments and parties, I was blown away by not only the success of the event, but also the wonderful and positive message that Rutgers Geek Week gave the students in attendance. I’m hoping to be involved in a bigger capacity next year, and if you are anywhere in the New Brunswick region, you should not miss this amazing event.

Follow Geek Week on twitter. 

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