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Rap-A-Thon Donors & Pledges Awards

Hey, remember last month when I did a 24 Hour Rap-A-Thon to raise money for all the stuff that got stolen from me and my friend, K, when her car got broken into in St. Louis? I made 16 songs in 24 hours, and we raised enough money to not only replace two laptops, but also got to donate the extra proceeds, upwards of $1,300.00, to RAINN.

Well, as promised, all donors and pledges will be rewarded. Sorry it’s taken so long, I’ve been on tour and busy with some other things (Opera Memphis project, Vampire Weekend EP). All donors and pledges will receive a hand screenprinted ┬ácard from me and K, featuring original art by Joe Hunter. Also, each card will come with an exclusive download code for a digital album that will include remastered & re-recorded classic TrackLog songs, as well as brand new material that won’t be available anywhere else.

1. June (remastered)
2. Never Watched Doctor Who (remastered)
3. Polaris (remastered)
4. Infinity Gems (remastered)
5. Scott Pilgrim Recap (remastered)
6-10 – new, unreleased tracks

It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, take a few old songs and re-record them with the better equipment and mixing skills I have now.┬áSo if you’re a donor/pledge and have sent me your mailing address, you can expect to get a nice thank you gift in the mail soon.

If you pledged or donated, and have not sent me your mailing address, please email it to adamwarrockmixtape(at) (and if you haven’t sent your pledge donation in, please let me know and we can arrange paypal payment to the appropriate email as well).

If you want this reward, and did not donate during the 24 Hour Rap-A-Thon, I am going to open up the donate button for a rare one-time thing. Don’t feel any pressure to donate, but I wanted to make the option of the album and reward open to everyone. Please donate any amount you’d like, and include your mailing address in the notes.

One last thing. K runs the website ILoveMemphis, a site dedicated to all things cultural in my hometown, Memphis, TN. She was instrumental in helping me get through the 24 Hour Rap-A-Thon, and probably will be a part of all the musical things I have planned for in Memphis in the coming year (which everyone will hopefully be able to see/download as well). So you should follow her on twitter or facebook, and show her some Internet love.

Ok, back to the music grind. Update over. Seacrest out.

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