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OXFRD CMMA EP now available for free download [Vampire Weekend]

Download the new Adam WarRock 6-track EP for free:

Adam WarRock & Vince Vandal – OXFRD CMMA EP
an album of Vampire Weekend sampled beats…

Tracklist (songs sampled):
1. STRT CRD (Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa)
2. OXFRD CMMA (Oxford Comma)
3. RNAWAY (M79)
4. SLVATION f/ Tribe One (A-Punk)
5. GRWN UP KDS (Kids Don’t Stand a Chance)
6. Memphis House Party Romp [bonus track]*

*song sampled The Egyptians “Party Stomp” 

It’s been a weird year, guys…

I went through a bit of a rollercoaster of a year, personally and professionally. I released a new album, I went to SXSW, I saw more success and attention than I ever thought possible. I had a wildly successful donation drive, I did a 24 Hour Rap-A-Thon, and through it all, I’ve talked to and met more amazing, inspiring and awesome people than I ever could have imagined doing what I’ve done for the past 2+ years full-time.

At the same time, I had some personal issues with family, and I basically came to a sort of plateau about my music and the future of the Adam WarRock franchise, wondering what the next step would be. Whether the future had music full-time in it for me, financially, realistically. If this could keep going. I was insanely burnt out from doing 120+ live shows over the past 20 months, which includes comic cons, festivals, multiple national tours, and just an insane amount of music I’ve released over that time. Oh, and I had all my stuff stolen in St. Louis.

I came back from this past NOFRIENDS tour, having done two consecutive tours and Nerdapalooza, cascading straight into the La Boheme EP I did with Opera Memphis. I was burnt out, and living in this tragedy of a love story, trying to learn and perform songs about death and loss; while dealing with some personal stuff about my family, and maybe about that thing they call love or something like it on my own. I called up Vince and told him that I needed to just make an EP of bouncy, happy fun music.

We had some ideas that inevitably didn’t work out, but in the end we both got inspired to make a Vampire Weekend EP, taking samples from their first self-titled LP. So I set out to make an album of fun rap music. Something you could dance to, something you could bob your head to, something that was just a bit more upbeat than my life of long drives, exhaustion, personal stress, and operatic tragedy. Sure, some of it came out mildly emotional and serious (What music have I ever made that hasn’t?), but mostly what came out was kind of this release of a lot of what I felt like had been missing in my musical life lately.

I made this EP without really caring who would hear it, even though ostensibly it is a thematic EP that is looks like it’s designed to get attention. I have no idea what the current cultural zeitgeist feels about Vampire Weekend, lord knows there’s a backlash for every popular indie band out there, but I’ve always been a fan of them, and these songs were always exciting for me to listen to. I don’t consider myself anywhere close to a Vampire Weekend superfan, I just enjoy their music. I just think that the album is a fun thing to do.

But I made this EP b/c God knows, I wanted to just make some upbeat music. I hope you like it. I’m rather proud of it. I hope you send it around, or it gets on a blog, or people really are all about it. But if not, then just consider the even more free music that I’m giving out to be a thank you to everyone who’s been there with me this year. It’s been a great year, and it’s been an incredibly hard year in a lot of respects. And without everyone who’s said kind words and shown support, I wouldn’t have been able to survive it, even amidst any superficial success I’ve been enjoying.

Who knows what the future will hold. Right now, I only know that I have an EP (which you will be able to buy) coming out in December. After that, and some time to recuperate, I’ll do my best to keep this machine keep running.

So cheers. Go dance to the music a little bit. Life’s too short not to, right?

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