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“Top Chef” [free tunes]

Adam WarRock “Top Chef” (MP3 | Lyrics)
Beat Used: Celph Titled “There Will Be Blood”

I watched a whole bunch of Seasons 8, 9, and 10 of Top Chef this weekend. I kinda can’t believe I’ve never done a song about Top Chef before, seeing as it’s my favorite reality show and I get way too emotionally invested in every season (HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW TO TASTE YOUR FOOD BEFORE IT’S SENT OUT!?!). So here, I wrote this dumb song for you.

If you like the dumb songs I write, perhaps you’ll come back tomorrow DECEMBER 4 and check out my NEW 8-TRACK EP for $6, and the new music video! The EP is full of NOT dumb songs. Very serious songs. About life. And not things like fennel, geoduck, or scallops.

But seriously, never choose to make a dessert chefs. I mean, c’mon.

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