Adam WarRock

New EP – City Beautiful now available!

Adam WarRock – City Beautiful EP
Produced by Rob Viktum 

I came back from almost two years of touring and fell back in love with my hometown of Memphis, TN. With the warm, soulful backdrop of Rob Viktum’s amazing beats, I started making an EP for the winter of 2012, knowing that I wanted to maybe be a bit more personal, a bit more introspective. I mostly just felt my way through these beats and out came City Beautiful, what I view to be an album of me talking about the past, talking about the future, and talking about why home is, for maybe the first time in a long time for a ton of reasons, an almost wholly good thing. I invited some of my best friends in the nerdcore scene, and asked them to be on my “least nerdy” album, and if you ask me, I think they all destroyed it. So here’s City Beautiful, an album about coming home, again, for the first time in a lot of ways.

This is the part where I say that I am a full-time musician, and that I release upwards of 100+ free tracks and mixtapes and EPs a year. In order for me to keep doing what I do, I need your support, financially, from time to time. I hope you’ll consider dropping $6 in my bucket and know that whenever I sell something, I consider it to be among my best work – something worth not only your time, but also your money. Thank you to everyone who continues to support what I do. I can only say that I’ll keep putting out as much free music as possible, and keep trying to do my best to entertain you with good quality music, every time I come out the box.

And to all my friends and family at home and around the globe – know that I miss you when I’m not around. I’m always coming back home to you…

Hey, I moved my merch store to my bandcamp page. To celebrate the new EP, I’m having  MASSIVE MERCH FIRE SALE. Newest Tshirts are $10, old Tshirts are $5, CDs range from $2 to $5 to $7. LIMITED SIZES AND QUANTITIES, so act fast.

Expect more free music this week, because I mean…it’s just what I do.


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