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Adam WarRock “Late Night” [free tunes] – Happy New Year!

Adam WarRock “Late Night” (MP3 | Lyrics)
Production by Rob Viktum 

Last year, my new year track was about having a Ryan Gosling year. This year, it’s about Jimmy Fallon. Here, let me explain…

 I can still remember when Late Night with Jimmy Fallon first debuted in 2009, mostly because of their insane web campaign leading up to the first episode. They had months of web video content showing Jimmy preparing for the debut of the show, going on all kinds of daytime talk shows and rehearsing with the Roots and the writing staff. At the same time, they started a blog and employed two bloggers/comedians from my favorite website Best Week Ever (RIP), Sara Schaefer and Jon Friedman. Jimmy would show up on podcasts like Diggnation and sites like Gizmodo. I kinda fell in love with the show as a concept, because it was unquestionably a show run by a bunch of comedy and tech/web nerds, trying to have fun in a world that was mired in traditionalism and an old fashioned kind of comedic/late night guard. I guess it was no surprise that the show got off to what many called a rocky start, but it was enough to hook me and hook me quick.

Somewhere along the way, people started realizing that Jimmy and crew were just trying to have fun. I mean, where else could you see podcast hosts on network television, or see John Krasinski more interested in playing with the Xbox Kinect than actually paying attention to the fact that he was on national television promoting a movie. Where else could you see the Roots on a daily basis? When the late night wars pt. 2 started, and the water was toxic and bloody as Conan and NBC split for good, I think people started gravitating towards the show that was basically just having a good time in their little corner of television, and their even bigger plot of land on the Internet.

They’d taken the time to carve out their place on the web, and it paid off. I can’t tell you how many times a day I get emailed some video from the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon web archives, or I see it pop up on facebook or twitter. It’s become a sort of tour ritual that after the show, I go to the hotel and it’s usually just in time to watch Late Night.

I love the focus on fun, on the web, on music. And it’s kind of weird, seeing everyone coming around to the fact that maybe, this underdog of a late night show has become a cultural juggernaut, and weirdly, maybe the most consistently fun and funny late night show on tv. Who would’ve guessed?

So last year, wanted to have a Ryan Gosling year. This year, I wanna be all over the web like Jimmy. And while the debt still looms, the bills still come, and the future frighteningly open, hopefully I can still have fun and make great free music for you guys, on and off the web.

Here’s to a great 2013. And thanks for all the good times lonely on the road, Jimmy and gang.

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