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Planet Express EP [Futurama - Free Tunes]

Sweet Zombie Jesus, it’s the future! Or rather, 2013. Which is the present. Hey, whatever. My first free EP of the year is out, and it’s all about FUTURAMA! Click on the image above to download, or download the 6-track EP here!

Thanks to the great folks over at for debuting my EP! Download the EP or click on the links below for the Youtubes!

1. The Future (Of Delivery)
2. Brannigan’s Law
3. A Song by Holophoner
4. Roswell That Ends Well
5. Do the Bender
6. Futurama Theme (Remix)

Here’s the first track…

I’ve been a fan of Futurama for, well, most of my adult life. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve watched the original four seasons (commentaries included), and how overjoyed I was when it got brought back by Comedy Central. Look, I love The Simpsons (anyone who’s around my age has to, it’s law), but I’ve always been one of those obnoxious people who say that Futurama is both funnier and more emotionally rewarding on a more consistent basis. At least, that’s my personal opinion. And if you don’t agree? Then bite my shiny metal ass.

Thank you to Matt Groening, David X. Cohen, and the whole crew for making Futurama and bringing wonderfulness into my life.

Production by Rob Viktum
Cover design by Kevin Church

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