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Adam WarRock “Ultimate Nullifier” [free tunes]


Adam WarRock “Ultimate Nullifier” (MP3 | Lyrics)
Beat Used: EDubb “Beast Mode”

First up, I’m participating in NerdcoreNow’s Vocalist/Producer Challenge with producer of my 2nd full-length, Vince Vandal. We posted our first song, that’s sort of about Neon Genesis Evangelion, and you should register/vote for it if you want! Here it is, streaming:

So anyway, it’s the ultimate nullifier or whatever:


I was reading Matt Fraction’s new Fantastic Four, and just wanted to make a song about being Reed Richards. He’s always been one of my favorite Marvel characters, he’s like this nerd and badass (esp. when he’s in the Illuminati), but then he has to worry about being like, a good husband and father and build his son a robot and shit. I mean, the dude has a lot of stress on his mind. And then he’s supposed to be able to focus and fire the nullifier without destroying himself and/or the universe? I mean, it seems like a lot, y’know?

It’s weird to say that I like Reed Richards as a character so much, while simultaneously feeling like he’s one of the cornerstone Marvel characters that most often gets totally written wrong. Hickman did a great job before him, and I’m enjoying Fraction’s run.

p.s. – Look. I know the 616 is in technically a multiverse, not a megaverse. It just worked better for the rhyme, okay? So please don’t correct me. 

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