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Watch the Throne (X) [new mixtape EP]

Watch the Throne (X)


 I took some of the Watch the Throne instrumentals, and made an EP about The X-Men. I guess every time I heard the title, I thought about Professor X in his wheelchair. Anyway, I chose to focus on the non-singles of the album, as well as focus on bigger concepts in the X-Universe, rather than just specific heroes. I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you to ComicsAlliance for featuring this on their amazing site, which you should read if you like comics.

Download by clicking the cover image, or go here.

1. A Magic Trick (Introduction)
2. Cerebro
3. Danger Room
4. Teamwork
5. The Shi’ar (Interlude)
6. Legacy Virus
7. Mutants in America
8. Better Men (Interlude)
9. Nation X
10. B.L.A.M.

Here’s some Youtubes.

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