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SupermanAdam WarRock “The Glory of the Sun” (MP3 | Lyrics)
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First of all, hey Orson Scott Card. Fuck you. If you don’t know why, read this interview with my good friend, and a good man, Richard Neal of Zeus Comics.  

I was never a fan of Superman growing up. I was a Marvel zombie. My favorite comic (if you can’t tell by now) was The X-Men. I only came to Superman as an older person, and it wasn’t until people like Chris Haley expressed to me how GOOD Superman could be, rather than just this faceless paragon hero, I began to understand how important he could be, not only as a symbol, but also as a personal idea, a principle.

I read a lot of sci-fi growing up. Dune, Foundation novels. When I first read Ender’s Game, I was blown away. The Ender series was one of my favorites as a younger person, the story of a lonely, broken child who became the savior of the universe to what cost resonated with me. How could it not?

I used to be a lot stupider, a lot more ignorant. Chalk part of that to growing up in the South, part of that growing up the child of immigrants (who are notoriously conservative), part of that to me being super religious in my younger days. I said a lot of stupid things, I believed a lot of abhorrent things. I got older, and with more life experiences I got wiser. I look back on my younger self with some shame and embarrassment, but more with the knowledge that I progressed, evolved, and changed…for the better.

Some people say you shouldn’t judge an artist for their beliefs. You should judge them for their works. I don’t believe that. When an artist puts their beliefs out there, they are making those beliefs a part of their works, a part of the whole experience of them as an artist. If you disagree, or are offended by those beliefs, then you can judge them for it, you can boycott or actively protest against their works. This is the machine that we have in society, to fight back against ignorance, stupidity, hatred. We change people’s minds through action, through discourse, through engagement.

I will always think Ender’s Game is a great book. I will never read it again, I will never buy any of his books. And I will not support him, in any capacity. And it sucks, but that’s the price you pay when you reveal yourself to be a person with abhorrent beliefs.

I used to be a lot dumber, stupider, more ignorant, and awful in a lot of ways. I changed. It’s why I have no sympathy for someone like Orson Scott Card, a man who, by all accounts, can make great works, but continues to believe the most horrible things about gay rights… hell about gay people in general. A man, who by all accounts is intelligent, but continues to hold on to his abhorrent beliefs.

And for everything that Superman stands for, I have to believe that this isn’t the right guy to write a Superman story. Sure, it’s one story in an anthology, but it’s the principle of the idea. Y’know? Isn’t that kinda Superman’s thing?


What do I know? I was a Marvel Zombie.

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  • neminem says:

    So… just buy OSC’s stuff used then? I agree with you complete, OSC is seriously messed up in the head in terms of philosophy, morality, politics, etc, but I refuse to deny myself the pleasure of reading some truly amazing books just because of that – though I wouldn’t go out of my way to give him any money for them, either. So if you buy them used (or, say, torrent ebooks, if you prefer that no money have *ever* been given to him for the works you’re reading), you get both, so why not?

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