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“Kingslayer” [Game of Thrones Week]

Kingslayer - Adam WarRock

Adam WarRock “Kingslayer” (MP3)
Beat used: N.W.L. “Nobody Speaks” 

khaleesi_horses_heartI wrote a bunch of songs while on the road about GoT, and recorded them all in my hotel room. So therefore, it’s Game of Thrones week, here at

[Please NOTE: I did not read the books. I watch GoT as a tv show. So please be mindful in the comments and avoid spoilers beyond the TV show] tumblr_mfodgtZAub1qbmqmro1_1280 Jaime Lannister has always been my favorite character in the show, even moreso since he’s been captured by the North and slowly descended into disrepair (to various degrees). I don’t know what that says about me as a person, that my favorite character is an incestuous, murderous, arrogant dude. But hey, GoT does that to you, right?

It’s always fascinating for me to see a character so defined by self-loathing, despite the fact that he kinda has everything going for him. He’ll never be good enough for his father, he’ll never be able to be with his sister, and he’ll never overcome this idea that he was the kingslayer, even though none of us will ever know if he did it for glory, out of fear, or for whatever reason. And now, with where he’s at in the show, I think he’s about to get really interesting. But then what do I know. God only knows what they have in store for him.

Thank you to everyone who came out to my shows at Rutgers, Penn State Berks, and Cornell. I’m in Orlando this Saturday (April 27) for a great concert with a ton of acts, and you should come see me! Info here. Tomorrow: Some Greyjoys love…

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