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Full GoT Mixtape EP, FCBD and some words on ComicsAlliance


Free download of my entire Game of Thrones mixtape EP, which includes all of my GoT Week tracks and some older GoT songs previously released here at

1. Winter is Coming
2. We Do Not Sow
3. Kingslayer
4. The Crows on the Wall
5. Hodor
6. When the Winter Comes
7. Whur Muh Boats At (Remix) feat. Applefrog

For Free Comic Book Day, I’ll be at Super-Fly Comics in Yellow Springs, OH, along with comedian Viet Huynh. Huge sale going on all day (50% off back issues, 25% off the rest) so if you’re around, come on out! Here’s the facebook event.


Finally, you may have heard the news yesterday that AOL’s comics site, ComicsAlliance, is being shut down. I am incredibly sad, and in fact, pretty angry at the news.

First, let me say that CA was my favorite comics site. I checked it daily, not simply because it was staffed by great people who I consider friends, but also because they did more than just post press releases and reviews. They showcased indie publishers and webcomics, they called on publishers to answer for their ill-advised decisions, they provoked thought and discourse regarding political and intellectual issues in an industry that often tried its best to avoid it.

They were a great site, and from day one the people who ran it supported my music. They hosted my West Coast Avengers Mixtape, they showcased my music more times than I can count. I consider them a large reason why I am able to make a living doing music.

They were profitable and critically well-acclaimed (3 time Eisner nominated), AOL simply wanted to switch up its blog lineup due to a strategic “reshuffle,” if rumors are to be trusted. Regardless of the reason, it’s not valid, it’s not good, and it sucks. My friends are out of work. And comics just lost a wonderful, amazing site that tried to do something a bit more than just talk about how awesome comics are. They talked about how awesome comics should be, and had a whole lot of fun doing it.

I’m not going to make a CA song. I’m too bummed, too angry, and too upset. It just sucks.

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