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Donation Drive Preview & Exclusives Week in Review

I’ve had a busy week. I posted my preview of my Third Annual Donation Drive. Coming June 24 through July 3, I’m going to be taking donations, and oh the rewards you’ll see. All donors get a new mixtape album, a live video concert we filmed in my house, and a whole slew of digital comics from people like Oni, MonkeyBrain, Nedroid, Gunshow, M. Kupperman, Sam Humphries, and more!

As for the rest of the week, I posted three exclusive tracks at other sites.

Monday, I posted up my newest Game of Thrones track “The Rains of Castamere” over at WIRED on their weekly GoT recap. Most notable because this week was the infamous episode that everyone who’s read the books has been waiting for. (link

Wednesday, I posted up my newest X-Men track, “X-Women” over at the wonderful Geek Girl Culture site, The Mary Sue, shouting out all the lady mutants in the X-verse and celebrating Brian Wood’s new all-female X-Men #1, which came out last week. Hey look, Brian Wood himself posted it up on his blog. (link)

Friday, I posted up “Basic Braining” over at the badass Destructoid video game site, celebrating Pscyhonauts and Double Fine Games. (link).

Also thanks to URB Magazine for listing me as one of their “Acts to Check Out” (link)

I also did an interview over at Feminerdity. (link)

What will next week bring? Got some big announcements, and some good previews from the Donation Drive. Thanks to everyone for listening.


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