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Adam WarRock “The Mayor” [Animal Crossing - New Leaf]

Adam WarRock “The Mayor” (Download MP3)
Beat used: Waka Flocka “I Don’t Really Care” 

I’ve never played an Animal Crossing game until New Leaf, this week. And now I know why everyone is so obsessed with it. I made this very stupid song while I was working on some more serious stuff for my album and some future projects. And then I finished this blog post, and then went right back to playing Animal Crossing. I got pears, yo.

A couple quick notes…

The Third Annual Adam WarRock Donation Drive is June 24 through July 3, check out everything you get for donating any amount. Please support this site so I can keep making idiotic songs like this and releasing it for free.

I saw Man of Steel. I loved it. I get why some people have been down on it, but I really, really loved it. No complaints here.

Have a nice weekend. Bug chase tomorrow, New Leafers!

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