Adam WarRock

Last Crusade Holy Grail EP [free tunes]

Adam WarRock – Last Crusade Holy Grail EP (download)
An EP about Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade,
over the beats of Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail

1. Charlemagne (Introduction)
2. Live Forever (“Holy Grail”)
3. Brothers of the Cruciform Sword (“Somewhereinamerica”)
4. No Ticket (“Tom Ford”)
5. Three Trials (“Beach is Better”)


Pretty much since Jay-Z announced the name of his new album, I kinda knew I would make this EP. I managed to cobble together 4 beats from the new album and make you this EP that the world  never asked for. So…yay?

It’s always fun to talk about Indiana Jones movies with movie people. You can almost line up the age groups with their predictably favorite movie, and watch the horror on older people’s faces who have to hear younger bucks (I guess like me? relatively younger) talk about how Last Crusade is our favorite Indy movie.

I have no problems admitting that Raiders is a perfect movie (maybe one of only a handful of movies I’d give that distinction to); or that Temple is  easily one of the most formative movies of my youth. But Last Crusade was, and continues to be my favorite. LC had a mystery and adventure to it that only a decade-plus of making movies like this allowed Spielberg to develop. It had that incredible end setpiece in the Temple with the three trials. And it had Sean Connery, which goes a long, long way.

So I don’t care about the glossy Hollywood sheen, or the plothole-esque ending with Indy drinking out of the grail. You won’t change my mind in thinking that this is my favorite Indy movie out of all of them.

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