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“Nerrd Lines” by thechrishaley & Adam WarRock

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thechrishaley & Adam WarRock
“Nerrd Lines” (Download MP3)

I don’t remember where the joke started.

Maybe it’s the fact that I just got back from Otakon (and Chris and I were at Connecticon earlier this summer) on this past tour swing, and have been seeing a bunch of people in cosplay lately. Add that to the fact that “Blurred Lines” has kind of taken over the world — somewhere in there, Chris Haley and I decided it would be fun to make a song about seeing pretty cosplayers standing in line outside of a con (I just saw the mother of all lines at Otakon, yikes). So we sat around in my new recording room and banged this out over the weekend. Just for fun.

In this weird nerd world that we live in, it’s kind of funny how many professional cosplayers we know, or people who are sort of web-renowned for their cosplay abilities. It’s the kind of thing that I think gets derision from a lot of people who aren’t self identified nerdy types; but the more that I’ve been to cons and seen people really happy, enthusiastic, just expressing themselves in support of whatever they are dressed as; it’s kind of a beautiful thing, right? I was waiting for a ride to the airport from Otakon, standing there with my boxes and bags tired and beaten up, and I saw a mom drop off 3 little kids dressed up as anime characters, and the mom got out of the car and helped adjust their costumes before they ran to the line to get into Otakon. It was a pretty great moment, and it made me thankful to be in the genre or realm or whatever you call it that I’m in. Nerds rule.

So maybe this will tide you over until I actually get my stuff set up at my new apartment and can actually focus on some new music. We had fun making it. Enjoy it.

I’ll be working on my Sokka hair for my own cosplay. I’m only sort of joking about that.

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