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TrackLog 45 – My Tea Party

To say I’m a liberal is probably an understatement, though I do find that I’ve gotten a bit more practical, a bit less fiery than I was in my younger days. It’s not like Tea Party protesters are the only political movement that angers me in any way (if you follow me on twitter, you’d know I hate my own Democratic party a lot of the time as well). But as a whole, I find ignorance, especially in politics, to be incredibly maddening. And it just so happens that a lot of people who align themselves with the Tea Party movement happen to be incredibly ignorant.

In any case, liberal, conservative, whatever, just know what you support and know why you do it. And to you ignorant people, this song’s for you.

Sorry for the cursing, Mom.

Download the track (link)

Beat used: P.O.S. “Crispin Glover”

8 Responses to TrackLog 45 – My Tea Party

  • Jordjevic says:

    Great use of that horrifically shocking Glenn Beck clip. I honestly can’t believe a decent human being would ever speak like that to another person, but guess that’s just par for the course.

    Totally surprised you didn’t include that Alex Jones Super Saiyan clip, by the way. :)

  • Nora Rocket says:

    I like and share the frustration I’m hearing here.

    If only we’d realized we could have thrown vaguely contextualized tea-party themed hissy fits when the Bush government sent our tax money somewhere we disagreed with – say, a set of wars? If only we’d grasped the idea that we could be as ill-informedly upset and protest taxes in this manner!

    In conclusion, Big Government Hands Off My Medicare. Sigh.

  • Euge, I posted this on my Facebook page yesterday.
    I just spent a good two hours writing a long-ass retort against my token conservative friend who attempted to prove that those “mean hateful liberals” were calling Tea Partiers racist without merit.
    It was awesome. Thanks.

  • A. WarRock says:

    I kinda wish I went into more detail, but I doubt anyone really wants to hear a song about tax policy and the such. Glad I could help Michael.

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