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2013: Skanks for the Memories…

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As me and Tribe One head home, the week before Christmas, it’s only natural to kind of take stock of your life. It’s been a weird year, one that saw a lot of ups and downs. But most notably, one that saw the release of my newest album and the first time I’ve really consciously booked this kind of a concentrated, focused tour totally on my own.

When I first started performing as Adam WarRock over 3 years ago, venues wouldn’t book me. I didn’t know anyone in the music scene. I was just a dude with a website, who had a song about Ira Glass and a couple of comic book tracks. I couldn’t find a show to save my life; and so I bought a $200 PA system, and started asking some comic stores if they’d let me come in and do a show. I asked for some gas money, I had really only a single CD to sell. And most people who came to the store didn’t know who the hell I was. Some shows had 2 people there. But I did the songs that I had, and I shook the hands of everyone that came, and I went home, feeling like I had accomplished something.

After the past couple of weeks, on a tour where we consistently saw shows with upwards of 40-50 people, everyone there to see Tribe and I specifically, still not a lot has changed. Sometimes, we’re still lugging a PA system in. Sometimes, people still have no idea what is happening or who we are. But there was a moment a few days ago when Tribe and I were eating, and he just sat there for a second, and suddenly said “I cannot believe how well this is going.” He was right. I had been so in the mode of booking hotels; making sure we were places on time; making sure the PA was there and the stores were ready, and promoting shows – I hadn’t really stopped to think, “Wow. This is actually sort of working.”

At the end of the past 3 years, I guess I’ve thought, “Wow, this can’t possibly go on another year, right?” And I kinda say, “Well it was good while it lasted.” And then every January 1, I resolve to myself, that “Yeah, OF COURSE this will last another year,” even if it kills me.  I guess I don’t feel that way this year. And while I most definitely don’t feel like this is going to surely work out, I feel like this is going to roll over to the next year, and the next one. Because I have things coming; I have songs I want to make; I have things I want to do. Maybe it’s the first time I feel like I have a shot at actually doing them.

In 2014, I will be touring. A lot. I want to do shows at comic stores and weird venues, because I think that it’s important to give people an alternative to seeing music in the way they traditionally do. I want to make some music about some topics and subjects that will hopefully make people continue to celebrate all the nerdy, wonderful things that make life worth living, despite the cold, harsh world outside. I want it all to continue to be free online; a ton of free shows. I want to keep making this thing happen; so please check out, or follow me on facebook or twitter - and check for all the tour dates that are being posted up every day. Maybe I’ll be at a comic store near you soon, doing a show that is probably unlike any other show you’ve ever seen before. Not to say that arrogantly or brashly – it just is. These comic store shows are different. In a good way.

I did a lot of things this year. I like to stay busy. And hell, so many things almost happened that you can’t possibly imagine how awesome it would’ve been if half of them went through. That’s the breaks of showbiz. But it’s weird, driving home on an empty highway, and realizing you just released a new album, and toured on it realizing that idea that germinated so long ago. It feels very…professional, doesn’t it? Isn’t that weird? I still feel very much like just a dude with a website.

I still want to shake the hand of everyone out there. Thank them for coming to the show. And tell them, if you ever get the chance to do something crazy, something stupid, something different – as long as it means something to you – to just do it. Sometimes it starts small. But you might find yourself years later doing what you love, and telling other people the same thing.

Thanks for the memories. Thanks for the support. Thanks for everything. Let’s do it all again in 2014.

And have a happy holidays everyone…

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