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WarRock TrackLog 4 – Let’s Be Friends Again


I will never not love this Jemma Salume drawing of Curt and Chris

So after knowing them as web buds, Curt and Chris of Let’s Be Friends Again crashed at my place for SPX 2009, and in the midst of hanging with them and helping out their table at SPX, I came up with the idea for this site. So I guess I owe them thanks for the inspiration, if you follow the cause-effect reasoning of their presence and my sudden surge of inspiration. I do not follow that school of thought. Anyway, I wrote this song literally sitting at their table when the action died down on the convention floor, after a weekend full of hearing the massive hype for their imminent performance of Queen and David Bowie’s “Under Pressure” at the Karaoke Caravan. Due to the non-existence of the karaoke bar, I never got to see them perform it. But I did get two friends out of the weekend. Considering the friends are Curt and Chris, I’d say that’s probably a wash.

I recorded this the day after SPX was over, so I was still utterly exhausted with a raw ass throat. I originally wanted to rerecord the whole thing, but I kinda grew attached to this take and the immediacy of the emotion in it. I don’t mean to make it sentimental, but there is something special about the fact that I recorded this so soon after meeting them, literally the day they left my place to go back to Memphis, which is in essence, my home. And if you haven’t gotten the joke by now, all my passive aggressive pettiness towards them is a prolonged joke that simply hides the fact that I am grateful to have met such great friends in such a random, happenstance way.

Also, they’re both total dicks.

Download the track (link)
Beat used: Alex Goose “Dear Winter” from Outtakes from Blueprint 3

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