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“So Many Ronin (like 47 Ronin)” [free tunes]


Adam WarRock “So Many Ronin” (Download MP3)
Beat used: Gillie Da Kid “King Me”

I haven’t had a chance to see many holiday movies this year. I blame it on the amount of travel and the video games and TV I have to catch up on. But for some reason, a joke has spawned amongst my friends that we all really want to see 47 Ronin, because man, every other movie is like, so heavy man. So I decided to talk about holiday movies in a song where I’m clearly too enthusiastic about a movie I’ve never seen. But still, those trailers, right? They’re…are they awesome? I have been on the road so much that at this point, I don’t even know anymore. Is it better or worse than I, Frankenstein? Does it even matter? The answer is, no.

Hey, enjoy your new year and go see some movies. I mean, probably not 47 Ronin. Or go ahead, what do I care? I want to see it, no joke. Do I? Again don’t even know anymore.

Oh also, Jan. 7, First new mixtape of the year. Prepare yourselves!

And with this, the last song of 2013, I released 137 songs this year. Hardest working man in Internet Nerd Rap. Or something.

Auld Lang Syne!

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