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“Benny C” [free tunes]

Adam WarRock “Benny C” (Download MP3)
Beat used: Hot Chelle “Tonight Tonight”

ben1I was having lunch with my friend Amy*, and I said “What should I make a song about?” And she says, “MAKE IT ABOUT MY BOYFRIEND BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH!” There’s a long running joke between me and my friends, where I love referring to him as “Benny C-Batch,” because it never fails to infuriate people. And well, I honestly have wanted to make a Sherlock song for like, MONTHS.

* note, Benedict Cumberbatch is not Amy’s boyfriend, and she is in fact, married. 

So all these birds get murdered with this one bubble gum candy-coated pop song stone.

I do love Benny C-Batch. He’s so awesome.

Thank you to everyone for getting my “Frozen” song to over 7,000 views in less than a week. It means a lot to me, I worked hard on that one.

I’m on tour with Tribe One in a week! Come see these shows! Please?

Feb. 5 – Charleston, SC – Captain’s Comics (info)
Feb. 6 – Wilmington, DE – The Comic Book Shop w/ Greg Pak (info)
Feb. 7 - Somerville, MA – Comicazi (info)
Feb. 8 – Baltimore, MD – Collector’s Corner (info)
Feb. 9 – NYC – The Fifth Estate w/ Schaffer, Mikal kHill, & Louis Logic (info)
Feb. 10 – Syracuse, NY – Singers Karaoke Club w/ Sammus (info)
Feb. 11 - Manchester, NH – Double Midnight Comics (info)
Feb. 12 – Portland, ME – Geno’s Rock Club & Coast City Comics (info)
Feb. 13 – Northampton, MA – Modern Myths (info)
Feb. 15 – Richmond, VA – Velocity Comics (info)
Feb. 16 – Charlotte, NC – The Milestone w/ Mikal kHill (info)

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