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“Spirit of Vengeance” [All-New Marvel NOW! week]


Adam WarRock “Spirit of Vengeance” (Download MP3) Beat used: Vinnie Paz “Problem Solver” 


Mon: “Norrin Radd”
Tues: “The Fist of Khonshu”
Wed: “Marvelous”

Check out All-New Ghost Rider #1 I am on the road today, so I’ll have to be brief. But let me just say that this new Ghost Rider is without a doubt, one of the biggest surprises for me in the All-New NOW! slate. That Tradd Moore art is incredible, the design of the issues so far is striking, and the issues of Robbie dealing with the socio-economic and racial/ethnicity-based struggles via the police, his neighborhood, his family – it speaks to me way more than I ever thought a Ghost Rider comic could. That’s kind of the beauty of a lot of these Marvel comics (in the same way that Ms. Marvel book touches on similar issues), they’re not only about a flaming ghost skull-headed spirit of vengeance, but also about so much more than that. So go check it out.

Also, if you’ve never read Felipe Smith’s Peepo Choo, you should check it out.

Tomorrow: She-Hulk


April 16 - Columbus, OH – Packrat Comics
April 17 
- Cleveland, OH – Cleveland Comics
April 19
 – AwesomeCon – Washington, DC (linkOpening for Andrew WK
April 23 – Greensboro, NC – Geeksboro Coffeehouse Cinema

May 3 – FREE COMIC BOOK DAY - Hattiesburg, MS
Hub City Music & Southern Fried Comics

May 9 – Baltimore – Live Band Concert! - The Sidebar Lounge 
May 10
 – Orlando, FL – Ongaku Overdrive – The Haven Lounge
May 13 – Pittsburgh, PA – Pittsburgh Comics
May 15 – Northampton, MA – Modern Myths

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