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“That Was Cyclops” [free tunes]

That was Cyclops Cover ArtAdam WarRock “That Was Cyclops” (Free MP3)
Beat used: Vinnie Paz “Last Breath”



So, if you don’t know, I am part of a collective of people that are Team Cyclops.

This includes my pal, Chris Haley, as well as my other pal Rachel (of Rachel & Miles X-Plain the X-Men). In fact, Rachel wrote her own thing about why she supports Cyclops, and you should read it. Here’s my thing about Cyclops.


I’ve gone on record about how important the X-Men were to me as a kid. The X-Men represented this beautiful manifestation of outcasts, outsiders, freaks, weirdos. They were the heroes that people hated, that people scorned. As a young kid who never felt right in his own skin, much less in the world outside, I connected with them deeply, and that connection still lasts to this day.

The thing about the X-Men is they are about how the whole is greater than the individual. The team. The FAMILY. And in so many storylines, it always goes like this: member of the team goes off by themselves to try to do something they believe they have to do on their own. They inevitably get captured. Villain holds them, tied up, hostage, taunting them, talking about how they have won. And at that last second, the wall gets blown in, and there they stand. The X-Men, coming to save you. They’re coming to save you not just because you’re part of the team, but because you’re family. No matter how much you reject their help, no matter how much you think you don’t need them (or think they don’t need you), they are there for you. No matter how bad the odds are, they have come for you. And they’re pissed. They want their family back.

It’s always the same picture. A group shot, the team with weapons out. A couple of members making snide remarks on the side. And the guy who stands at the middle, the guy whose visor is still smoking because HE’S the one who blew the wall in: that guy is Cyclops.

To me, he’s always been the symbol of that. The team, your family, coming to save you. Even when you don’t want it, even when you don’t DESERVE IT, but you need it. He is that symbolic figure that stands in the middle. He doesn’t get the cool line. He doesn’t get the first punch. He’s the guy that blew the door in and sent the team in and gave the order to go get our family back, from the people, from the world that doesn’t understand you, that doesn’t accept you. That hates you.

Say what you will about him being too plain vanilla boring. Too much of a cop. Say whatever you want. Because he won’t care. He’s still doing his job, and coming to save the family.

That guy that saved you? That was Cyclops.


Spider-Man-p1-colorsSpeaking of Chris, he and I have been doing Comics Everybody! for ComicsAlliance. We basically take famous comic heroes and try to condense their histories into 6-8 panels. We just did one for Spider-Man, and you too can go to the post and comment about what we missed/forgot/got wrong! You should check it out! We got more coming!

Also, I have a show on Thursday, May 14 at Modern Myths in Northampton, MA. It’s probably going to be my last show for a while (I have random shows here and there) as I’m basically done touring. So come and check it out!

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2 Responses to “That Was Cyclops” [free tunes]

  • Quin says:

    Okay, I just gotta say this. I found you through the Gravity Falls rap and I found a couple of other fandom songs I liked (and the awesome Chik-Fil-A song!) and then listened to them and kind of left you alone for nearly a year. In that year I magically transformed into a huuuuge X-Men fan. Later on I was probably listening to the Chik-Fil-A song when I remembered. This guy has tons of music, I wonder if he’s made anything since I last went to his site. AND THEN I CAME HERE, AND I WAS OVER-FUCKIN-JOYED. You rap!! About X-Men!! Frequently!! God, I downloaded all your Marvel songs, and I saw you live when you came to Omaha in October or November again. Your music makes me so happy. I’m so glad that somebody is out there, unapologetically rapping about nerdy obscure things like Quentin Quire and Kamala Khan, two of my alliterative faves. The messages in your songs are always on point and I’m totally completely in love with what you do. You’re an amazing person and I hope you keep doing this for as long as it makes you as happy as it makes me and everyone else.
    Of course, there’s something I’d like to address. In between all of your civil rights, through racism and sexism and homophobia, you often refer to people as “man or woman”
    Like in Teamwork, or in Requisite Gangnam style. “When you see the X on the belt of like one man or woman” or “something suit in yellow/ something something lady or fellow”
    I feel excluded by those things. I identify as non-binary, which is a collection of gender identities that are neither man nor woman, or maybe both, or or maybe more than two. I’m personally agender, meaning that I simply do not see any gender in myself. I know the parts I was born with, but that doesn’t define my gender, as it is with the rest of the transgender community. Instead of he or she, I call myself by singular they, e.g. “This is Quin. They never skip the song when Quentin Quire comes on, as it’s one of their favourite songs ever. The JGS kids in general are very important to them.”
    And instead of man or woman or boy or girl, I’m just Person. Individual. Human (or maybe Mutant, I’m sure my X-gene is just dormant).
    If you read this message and remembered it next time you were writing a song naming two genders as if they were the only option, and you found another way to say it, I… I’m already pretty much going to follow you into eternity, not much else I can do but be thankful that you actually read this monster of a comment.
    (500 words, just checked. Hahaha, oh man.)
    Regards and cookies,

  • admin says:

    Thanks for this, that’s something that totally makes sense, and I will try to address it in future raps! Thanks for the support!

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