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Transistor – Mixtape EP [free tunes]

Transistor Mixtape EP CoverNew 5-song mixtape EP based on Supergiant Games new release, Transistor
For more information on Transistor, please go here.
Or purchase on Steam or PSN.
All beats from the original soundtrack by Darren Korb, available here.



ETA: if you were having a problem with getting the 4th track, I re-uploaded the .zip file and fixed the song title, which had weird characters in the title and was causing a problem on PCs in the file name. Thanks!

If you were around two years ago, I did a Bastion mixtape for Supergiant’s last release. You can still get it here for free.

Having had a chance to play their new release, Transistor, I can safely say that SG is two for two, in making games that have a beautifully touching story, and incredible gameplay to boot. I won’t talk about Transistor’s story – and for good reason, being that it really takes a lot of time to really comprehend – but the gameplay, it took me almost until the end of the game when I started to realize how to mix both the out-of-turn and in-turn battle mechanics. It clicked, and all of a sudden, I was jaunting past a sea of enemies dropping electric shock bombs all over them,  pushing them up in the sky, and then slamming the trigger to deliver the final few blows before jaunting out to safety. It all felt so incredibly natural. The combat system really is one of the best I’ve ever encountered.

The story for Transistor, without getting into spoilers, is a bit harder to decipher than Bastion’s more straightforward narrative style. It left a lot of room for me to stretch and make music about. And fwiw, stories and plot don’t always have to be perfectly spelled out for me to enjoy them. I like filling in the blanks with my own context and experiences.

I loved Transistor. So go buy it (links above). You should support SG bc they are good people who make good games, and that’s really all that needs to be said. Also Darren Korb is a beast on beats.


If you’re in the Wilmington/Philadelphia area, you should come out to The Comic Book Shop this Saturday, and first, meet comic creator Joe Kelly, who’s doing a signing. And then see me do a live in-store show, where most likely I will perform my song, “I Kill Giants.(facebook event)

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2 Responses to Transistor – Mixtape EP [free tunes]

  • bracket says:

    Hey, I downloaded the EP and it’s missing the fourth track! Quite like these sick beats otherwise.

  • admin says:

    Try to DL it again, I fixed the title problem, which wasn’t showing up on PCs for some reason.

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