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“The Quiet” – preview from Donation Drive reward album

sexcriminals-covers-1Adam WarRock “The Quiet (kHill remix)”

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Donation Drive day 3 kicks off, with a preview from the Mikal kHill remix album that’s one of the rewards you get for donating any amount at one of the above links. You may know kHill as the producer from my most recent EP, Gifted Student, as well as the producer of the Browncoats and Slytherin House Mixtapes.

It’s been over a year since I released my Sex Criminals song, “The Quiet” (wow has it really been over a year?!). Since then, it’s still remained one of my favorite titles and one of the only comics I regularly keep up with. Since then, it’s won a handful of awards (Eisner, Harvey, y’know, no big deal) and been given the green light for television. So congrats to Matt Fraction, a friend-of-the-site and one of the people who’ve always been incredibly supportive of what I do here.

“The Quiet” was one of those songs that was weird for me to write. Part of making music is about putting something personal inside of songs. And it’s a thin line between making it overly self-indulgent, and making a personal statement something others can relate to. In my original post, I talked a lot about sex positivity, and how I wish it was talked about more in the nerd world. There’s a lot of negativity and nastiness about a lot of political correctness I see online, especially in fan circles. While I know a lot of people who’ve dealt with abuse and hardship regarding sex. Books like this are a great step in the direction of all of us being more comfortable talking about personal stuff like this. So thank you to Fraction and Zdarsky and Image Comics for that.

In any case, I think kHill outdid himself with the remix album, which you can get by donating any amount to the above links.

Day 3 of Donation Drive. The goal is 750 donors, and we’re almost at 300. Let’s do it!

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