Adam WarRock

SPX 2010 – Oh Man You Guys

Top Ten Things About SPX 2010 (in no particular order)

1. The pic above with fan, JohnHexLives

2. Karaoke night with Team Comics, and performing “Bust a Move” and engaging in a breakdancing battle with a patron of the bar.

3. The guy that stopped me and asked me if I believe in Harvey Dent

4. Ananth from Johnny Wander totally knowing who Adam WarRock was

5. Co-hosting the Nerdlingers with Jen, not being able to rip the sign down in the middle of our skit.

6. Selling some tshirts totally unexpectedly.

7. Hearing Travis narrate his Perez Perez story from his youthful days in Mexico to the weird elevator DJ music

8. Getting to finally thank Ryan Pequin for turning me on to the Weakerthans from way back in the day on his livejournal

9. Hearing Michael Cho’s laugh when I told him that my album was based on the Infinity Gauntlet, to which he responded, “Man, you ARE a nerd.”

10. Getting to finally meet the face of ComicsAlliance, Laura Hudson.

There’s actually a ton more memories I can think of, but I won’t bore you with them. Plus people like lists of ten, right? But seriously, SPX 2010 was amazing. Go check out all the links above, they are all wonderful people.

And stick around, “The Silver Age” single preview drops this Wednesday.

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