Adam WarRock

The Silver Age – Listen to the Single!

Adam WarRock “The Silver Age” featuring Tribe One
(Production by Ruckus Roboticus)

Listen to the first single from the Adam WarRock debut album, The War For Infinity (release date: October 7).

When Niles and I arrived at Ruckus’s to record The War For Infinity, I had 16 tracks written that told a complete story about a hero and a villain. I had one beat left, and I knew I wanted to make some sort of song separate from the overall story of the thematic album. Call it a single, call it a curtain call, whatever. I wanted it to be a song that represented the ethos of whatever this album was supposed to be about. The only problem was that I was totally unsatisfied with what I’d scribbled out prior to getting to the studio.

All credit goes to Niles, as he came up with the idea to call our duo “The Silver Age.” It started out as a thing that just sounded cool. What true comics fan didn’t love silver age comics? We thought we could refer to ourselves as Stan and Jack as a joke, just two regular-sounding joes who want to talk about comics, in reference to the legends. But the more we talked about it, the more it made sense: we make hip hop that pays a lot of homage to golden age rap, but it’s something beyond that. We make rap music that uses the same spirit of silver age comics: imagination, superheroes, absurd creativity. So we sat down and wrote this song in a day, refined it throughout the week, and then recorded it last. And somehow, this very unlikely contender became maybe my favorite song that I’ve ever been a part of. That’s even with my belief that Niles smokes me with his ridiculous verse. And so here it is, “The Silver Age.”

Check back to the site soon. I have a bunch of free music lined up, plus news on some special things that will happen around the release of the album. Also, some big stuff about Adam WarRock in the news. October 7th. Get ready.

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