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Download the DJ Empirical remix of “No Album” – More Album Info

Remember the Adam WarRock TrackLog song“No Album”? Then check out the DJ Empirical remix (tentative cover artwork by Matt Digges).

Download the exclusive remix here (link)

Do you like what you hear? Well, I’ll be releasing an album full of mashup remixes by DJ Empirical, entitled It Was Like That When We Got Here Vol 1, a collection of TrackLog songs mashed up with popular hip hop/electronic/pop beats.

The album will be available on October 5, 2010, for $3, but will be free with every purchase of the deluxe version of the Adam WarRock The War For Infinity album (details of the deluxe album below). With every purchase of the deluxe version album, you’ll receive the remix album, along with a continuous 47 minute mix of all the mashed up songs, including material not included on the individual tracks. This mix will be ONLY available to those who purchase the deluxe version of The War For Infinity.

Also, check out the two preview songs off of the album:
-Heroes Requiem
-The Silver Age

In case you were curious, here’s the list of songs he mixed up:

1. My Tea Party
2. Six Million Dollar Flow
3. No Album
4. S.C.D.P. (Build Something)
5. Supervillainy
6. Smashed Gordon
7. The Great Recession
8. Girl Comics
9. PBR
10. Bad Meaning Good

Yes, this is Vol. 1. Which means, hopefully with every album release, he’ll be back to give you MORE ¬†mashup remixes. Hooray!

The deluxe version of the album will include:
1. A physical CD
2. Immediate MP3 digital download of the album
3. It Was Like That When We Got Here Vol. 1
4. The exclusive 47 minute continuous mix
5. The Ruckus Roboticus hit single, “Chicks” off his acclaimed Chicks EP
6. Adam WarRock buttons (while supplies last)

The deluxe album will be $12, and only available from Release date October  7!!!

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