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Self Help EP

My X-Factor EP
My New Warriors EP
Paper Cutters & Dangling Headphones EP

2012 24 Hour Rap-A-Thon (link)
2014 24 Hour Rap-A-Thon for RAINN (link)

The TrackLog is an ongoing blog of free music about whatever the hell I want to make songs about…

Free Songs 2015:

Objection! (Phoenix Wright)Blog Post
Scott Lang (Ant Man)
Blog Post
Caught Up
Blog post
Luci (Wicked + Divine)
Blog post
The Captain (Captain Marvel)Blog Post
Squirrel GirlBlog Post
Kaijumax/Hellbreak single (Oni Press) - Blog Post
Purple & Yellow (Batgirl) Blog Post
Remastered Collection Mixtape - Blog Post
Howard (The Duck) - Blog Post

Free Songs 2014:

A Song 4 YouBlog Post
The Stanley ParableBlog Post
Jesse… Was a PreacherBlog Post
“X&Y (Pokemon)” Stenobot Remix w/ Supercommuter - Blog Post
FrozenBlog Post
Benny CBlog Post
Where the Wild Things AreBlog Post
Super Art FightBlog Post
CoolBlog Post
Quentin Quire
Blog Post
The Rat Queens - Blog Post
Secondary MutationBlog Post
The Quiet (Sex Criminals)Blog Post
Spirited AwayBlog Post
That Was CyclopsBlog Post
ShinyBlog Post
Broken PeopleBlog Post
KryptonBlog Post
Striker EurekaBlog Post
Star-Lord – Blog Post
Dust b/w Haters Gonna HateBlog Post
ArmorBlog Post
Thank You (Golden Girls) - Blog Post
Shaun (Of the Dead) - Blog Post
LumberjanesBlog Post
After the Credits SceneBlog Post
Shake (It Off) - Blog Post
Clark KentBlog Post
Old Man LoganBlog Post
John::Jean (Star Trek TNG) - Blog Post
DazzlerBlog Post
Kick PunchBlog Post
Spider-GwenBlog Post
John BoyegaBlog Post
Just the Music - Blog Post

Free Songs 2013:

Late NightBlog Post
The Regular Show WayBlog Post
MjolnirBlog Post Tell MeBlog Post
FantasiaBlog Post
Ultimate NullifierBlog Post
LaikaBlog Post
I Can’t Stop Watching House of CardsBlog Post
Game StopBlog Post
The Glory of the Sun (Superman/OSC) - Blog Post
Rutgers Geek Week (FTW)Blog Post
Magneto Was RightBlog Post
Slashfilmcast Theme (Full version)Blog Post
Whur Muh Boats At? (Remix)Blog Post
Columbia (Bioshock Infinite) - Blog Post
The FrasierBlog Post EverythingBlog Post
Grandmaster (Fire Emblem)Blog Post
ThrawnBlog Post The SixBlog Post
Gravity Falls Rap 2.0Blog Post
Adventure TimeBlog Post
Arrested Development S4 Rap up – Exclusively at Geekosystem
The Rains of Castamere – Exclusively at WIRED
X-Women – Exclusively at The Mary Sue
Basic Braining – Exclusively at Destructoid
The Mayor (Animal Crossing)Blog Post
Doogie Howser MC feat. YTCracker – Blog Post
Gideon GravesBlog Post
Welcome to Lovecraft - Blog Post
Family Matters (A Saga)Blog Post
A Great MCBlog Post
Space Cowboy (Bebop)Blog Post
Gipsy DangerBlog Post
Science. Bad.Blog Post
Nerrd LinesBlog Post
Rebuild 1.0 (Evangelion)Blog Post
XORNBlog Post
Yes! Yes! Yes!Blog Post
The Weather (Night Vale)Blog Post
Believe (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)Blog Post
Summon (Rydia’s Song)Blog Post
OMEGABlog Post
GTS (CM Punk)Blog Post
STOPBlog Post
X & Y (Pokemon)Blog Post
Right Hand of Doom (Hellboy)Blog Post
Rather Hang With You (Pokemon)Blog Post
Febreeze Bros. feat. Beefy – Blog Post
Cat LadiezBlog Post
Days of Future PastBlog Post
The KingBlog Post
Mark & Eugene feat. Schaffer the Darklord – Blog Post
So Many Ronin (Like 47 Ronin) - Blog Post

Free Songs 2012:  Ryan Gosling YearMasocore - So Far, So Good JaneBlog Post F*ck SOPA The Best W*zards in Paris –  Downton One S#!tBlog Post King Ta-Nehisi –  Klosterman When the Winter Comes –  MaleficentBlog Post Sex Bob-Omb At Greendale –  Dan Harmon –  F.451 This Song –  Gravity FallsBlog Post Guilty As Charged (Anti-Chick-Fil-A) For Thor  -  Lena Dunham -  June (remastered) - Requisite Gangnam Style SongBootleg Top Chef Nate Silver’s a Witch –  Derby Borderlands

Download a .zip file of all 21 tracks from 2011 here (link)
Download a .zip file of all 64 tracks from 2010 here (link)

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