Adam WarRock


How Stuff Works #7 of the 10 Standout Nerds of 2011 (link) Must-Hear songs of 2011 (link)
TechRepublic #5 Top Geek Rock Artist (source) #5 of the Top 20 Nerdy Things of 2011 (link)
One of Fandomania’s Top 15 Geek Music Releases (link)
One of UnheardNerd’s Top 10 Nerd Rap’s Best (link)


Feature on The Guardian UK

Feature on Hypebot

Feature at WIRED Magazine’s Blog for newest album

A lengthy interview with Z. of Hipsterplease

Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 8.59.42 AM
An interview I did with Geek Exchange

A guest blog that I wrote for YOMYOMF

Interview with Washington City Paper

Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 8.56.56 AM
Interview with Geekosystem

Featured on The Sundance Channel’s The Writer’s Room TV show



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Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 1.21.59 PM





BBC 5 Live’s Outriders show, w/ MC Frontalot & Others (link)
Arts section article in Creative Loafing, Atlanta, GA (link)
Article on Yahoo UK’s Behind the Music Blog (link)
Article in KoreAm Journal magazine (link)
Adam WarRock’s “Star Wars Uncut” featured on (link)
Evan Funk Davies lists The War For Infinity as his #3 album of 2010 on WFMU (link)
Public Radio International full feature on Adam WarRock “Ira Glass” (link)
Above the Law article on Adam WarRock’s career change (link)
Edgar Wright, director of Scott Pilgrim, blogs  about Adam WarRock (link)

-Interview at Panels on Pages (link)
-Interview at Nerd News and Reviews (link)
-Featured on the BBC News-Technology website (link)
-Interview on CMU’s Indie Queens 91.5 WMHW radio program (link)
- Angry Asian Man blog feature on “Ira Glass” (link)
-CEO of Public Radio International blogs about “Ira Glass” (link)
-Neatorama blogs about the Adam WarRock Dr. Who song (link)
-Cool-O-Rama blogs about the Adam WarRock Dr. Who song (link)
-Adam WarRock’s “The Sound” appears on an episode of Jordan Jesse Go! (link)
-Slashfilm includes my Scott Pilgrim recap song in the site’s Cool Stuff segment (link)
-Comics Alliance covers the Adam WarRock Scott Pilgrim recap song (link)
-Newsarama blog covers the Adam WarRock Scott Pilgrim recap song (link)

If I forgot you, please email me at adamwarrockmixtape(at)

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