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More singles available on The Singles compilation album!

15 Responses to Store

  • Dusty Klapak says:

    Hey man I had the privelege to see you perform in Minnesota the other day, I just wanted to say you were insperational. Good Ups, Great show.

  • John Corpus says:

    Saw you last night in Denver and I personally think you stole the show. I wish your set was longer. Any who I’m downloading all your tracks. It’s going to be fun mixing your stuff. Do you have Acapella’s I can download for remix purposes?

  • Andrew Garfield says:

    Dude I saw you in Salt Lake City last night and you were awesome! Keep it up man I’ll be spreading the word and I’m looking foward to seeing you again.

  • Jason Lee says:

    Just saw you in Seattle. Your set was killer. Wished it was longer. DL’ing and purchasing your stuff now. Definitely nice to support an off the hook independent artist such as yourself. Keep up the awesome work. Thanks for the first great set of the night. Mad props. Peace.

  • Jayson Binggeli says:

    Saw you in SLC, and talked to you after the show. You’re sick! Keep it up, i’m excited to listen to more of your music.

  • Sara says:

    I saw you at the Bottletree. You are rockin awsome and I cant wait until you come back to town. I might check you out in Atlanta.

  • SGMcG says:

    Saw you in West Columbia and bought all your CDs before your set. Talk about a worthwhile investment! Your flow is awesome and salamat po for a great show!

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  • Bec says:

    Loving your stuff over on bandcamp ESPECIALLY the comics and X-Men stuff.

    Just wondering if there is any possibility of buying physical albums when I live in Sydney Australia. Happy to buy the digital album but prefer to add physical CD’s to my collection…

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