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“Norrin Radd” [All-New Marvel NOW! week]


Adam WarRock “Norrin Radd” (Download MP3)
Beat used: Kensington Kross “Gimme Your Love”


Check out All-New Silver Surfer #1 by Dan Slott & Mike Allred

Hello! My oh my, it’s been a while since we did one of these theme weeks. I’m here to give you five songs inspired by All-New Marvel NOW! titles. And I’m so excited to talk about them, because I really do believe that these new all-new now titles are some of the most interesting, exciting and fun books I’ve read in a really long time. Why does this opening paragraph sound like an infomercial? The point is, I’m fired up, and some of these songs are the best songs (I think) I’ve done in a long time. It helps when the source material is so great in the first place.

The Silver Surfer, at least to me, was always a peripheral character. Although undeniably a cool character, he always worked better in the Fantastic Four universe, or in the cosmos hanging with Galactus, or being a person in a big event who brings forth good (or incredibly bad) news. The idea of The Silver Surfer as a character that I really care about on an emotional level is a foreign concept to me.

So when you sign up Norrin Radd as a kind of Doctor Who character, someone who’s possible in showing humans the galaxy and having adventures, you’ve got my attention. I think there’s something incredibly touching about the idea of a guy who has seen the ends of the galaxy being paired with a girl who has never really left her hometown. It taps into this emotion, this longing. I think the way Slott wrote that opening scene was so beautiful, the idea of this little girl wishing on a star, and it being Radd. It made me want to write some semblance of a love song. Maybe not romantic love, maybe just a love between two people who understand each other, even though there’s absolutely no way they should. It also doesn’t hurt that Mike Allred is the artist, and I mean, what more can you want from that?

So here’s my Norrin Radd song. Tomorrow: Moon Knight.


April 16 - Columbus, OH – Packrat Comics
April 17 
- Cleveland, OH – Cleveland Comics
April 19
 – AwesomeCon – Washington, DC (linkOpening for Andrew WK
April 23 – Greensboro, NC – Geeksboro Coffeehouse Cinema

May 3 – FREE COMIC BOOK DAY - Hattiesburg, MS
Hub City Music & Southern Fried Comics

May 9 – Baltimore – Live Band Concert! - The Sidebar Lounge 
May 10
 – Orlando, FL – Ongaku Overdrive – The Haven Lounge
May 13 – Pittsburgh, PA – Pittsburgh Comics
May 15 – Northampton, MA – Modern Myths

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“Cool” [free tunes]

cool coverAdam WarRock “Cool” (MP3)
Beat used: Mike Posner “Cooler Than Me” 

No pop cultural nods. Just a song about how we all go through hard stuff. Maybe you’re going through some hard stuff right now. If you are, find someone and talk about it. Find people who will be there for you. Don’t just say you’re fine.

I’m coming to the end of this four month long tour to support The Middle of Nowhere, and if for some reason you don’t know that I released a new album in November, you should check it out. It’s got people like MC Frontalot, Louis Logic, James Urbaniak, and more! And people seem to be enjoying it. Go here to purchase it, if that fits your fancy.

Tour dates:

Mar 22 - Durham, NC – Atomic Empire Comics
Mar 28 – Rutgers University Geek Week (link)
Mar 31 – Indianapolis, IN – ACPA – Radio Radio
April 16 - Columbus, OH – Packrat Comics
April 17 - Cleveland, OH – Cleveland Comics
April 19 – AwesomeCon – Washington, DC (linkOpening for Andrew WK
April 23 – Greensboro, NC – Geeksboro Coffeehouse Cinema
April 24 – Louisville, KY – Spinellis
May 3 – FCBD - Hattiesburg, MS - Hub City Music & Southern Fried Comics
May 9 – Baltimore – Live Band Concert! – The Sidebar Lounge
May 10 – Orlando, FL – Ongaku Overdrive – The Haven Lounge
May 13 – Pittsburgh, PA – Pittsburgh Comics
May 15 – Northampton, MA – Modern Myths

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Cosmic Cube Draft [Magic The Gathering - Marvel fans]

cubescreenshotI got some new free music for you tomorrow, but I would be completely remiss if I didn’t post this up. This is probably only relevant to Magic the Gathering fans, but maybe this will convert some of you.

When I was in New Orleans, Eric (aka Untested Methods) dropped off an insanely amazing gift for me before my show at BSI Comics. He brought me a full set of a Marvel Avengers Cosmic Cube card set (sleeved with mana included!). I asked him if I could share it here, and he was totally cool with it!

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 1.16.01 PM

For those who don’t know, a cube is a full set of pre-prepared cards (usually assembled from multiple pre-existing MTG sets) for the specific purpose of playing limited tournaments (i.e. sealed or draft). You can learn more about The Cube here. Eric printed out self-made proxies all based on Avengers-related characters and themes; and good Lord, it’s amazing just to flip through, much less PLAY.

You can download the fully printable PDFs here, and make your own! AND THEN PLAY MAGIC THE AVENGERSING. or something. Or you can just look at them, because they are awesome.

Anyway, follow Eric on twitter; and check out his new album with King Pheenix on Scrub Club records, based on Street Fighter II characters!

And go play with some friends! Free music tomorrow!

“Quentin Quire” [free tunes]

qquire coverAdam WarRock “Quentin Quire” (MP3)
Beat used: Vinnie Paz “Street Wars”


It’s time for another song about another X-Man. This time, it’s about Quentin Quire. If you aren’t up on Quentin Quire, then you should really try reading Grant Morrison’s X-Men, and then Jason Aaron’s Wolverine & The X-Men after the Marvel Now reboot. He’s pretty much my favorite post-2000 new character…ever? He’s great. Hoping that Aaron (or whoever) takes him in the direction we saw him go in Battle of the Atom.

Hey, if you’re enjoying all the free music, why not buy an album over at my Bandcamp site? Also, every June I do a Donation Drive where all donors will get a nice rewards package. It helps keep the lights on and helps me keep touring and making music and doing fun things for you to enjoy.

Here’s my tour dates for the rest of March. Come out and say hi!

Friday – New Orleans, LA - BSI Comics
Sunday - Austin, TX – SXSWi After Party - Hole in the Wall
Mar 11 - SXSW Official Showcase - Flamingo Cantina
Mar  13 - Scratched Vinyl Showcase – The Dive Bar
Mar 14 - Nashville, TN - Rick’s Comic City
Mar 15 - Tuscaloosa, AL - Sho’ Nuff Comics
Mar 22 - Durham, NC - Atomic Empire Comics
Mar 28 - Rutgers University Geek Week (link)

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The Planeswalkers Mixtape with Mikal kHill & Tribe One

mixtape coverA free mixtape EP about Magic the Gathering. 
Click on the above image, or go here

1. Friday Night Magic
2. Pro Tour
3. Born of the Gods
4. Planeswalkers
5. So Much Mana

Vocals by Adam WarRock, Tribe One, Mikal kHill
Production by Mikal kHill


So it goes like this. Last August, I went to PAX. I played some card games while there. So when Tribe One and I went on our first of three straight tours together, I said to him, “Hey Tribe. Will you teach me how to play Magic?” It seemed like a good idea. Touring is a lot of waiting around, a lot of sitting at a hotel, a lot of mindless boredom. This figured to be a good way to kill some time, and since we’re basically in a new city every day, a good way to incentivize our travel by getting boosters in each new city. I still remember what he said to me. He said, “You have no idea what you’re about to do to yourself.”


Cut to three months later, and I’m utterly obsessed with Magic. It’s bad. I’m talking deckbuilding and buying boosters almost daily, bad. But I love it. It’s the only tabletop game I’ve ever gotten this deep into. So thanks Wizards. For the horrible sickness I am now afflicted with. And the hours and hours of fun.

To satisfy our horrible urges to play, me, Mikal kHill and Tribe One play online with each other, almost nightly, via google hangout. And in a weird way, it’s brought us all closer together. So we obviously had to make a mixtape for you. Hope you enjoy it.

I’ll be doing a bunch of shows in March, around the south and the east coast. Check me out!

Feb. 27-28 – Denton, TX - University of North Texas’s GeeKon (info)

Mar 1 - Oklahoma City – New World Comics 
Mar 2
 - Lawrence, KS – TBA
Mar 7 – New Orleans, LA – BSI Comics
Mar 9 – Austin, TX – SXSWi After Party – Hole in the Wall
Mar 11 - Official Showcase – Flamingo Cantina
Mar  13 – Scratched Vinyl Showcase – The Dive Bar
Mar 14 – Nashville, TN – Rick’s Comic City
Mar 15 – Tuscaloosa, AL – Sho’ Nuff Comics
Mar 22 - Durham, NC – Atomic Empire Comics
Mar 28 – Rutgers University Geek Week (link)

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