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“Caught Up” [free tunes]

caught up coverAdam WarRock “Caught Up” (download MP3)
Beat used: Classified “Find Out”

I haven’t really made music in a while, other than the EP. I also have admittedly been completely out of touch with a lot of comics and stuff. I mainly watch TV and play Dragon Age Inquisition. What’s wrong with that?

Nick-Miller-Watch-TV-All-DayAnyway, I’m getting back into the swing of making music for your ears, and I have some good ideas lined up, but I have to get back to work on catching up. Sometimes, life gets in the way. There’s nothing wrong with that.

My voice sounds weird in this track, doesn’t it?

Anyway, you can still buy my new EP, Gifted Student, for only $8 digital! If you want a physical copy, you have to come to a live show. When am I doing a live show you ask? Why, when I go on tour with Mikal kHill!

Grumpy Old Men Tour w/ Mikal kHill:
Feb. 27 - Pittsburgh Comics – Pittsburgh, PA (facebook event) *FREE*
Feb. 28 - Shumatsucon – Columbus, OH
Mar. 1 – Green Brain Comics – Dearborn, MI (facebook event) *FREE*
Mar. 3 – 42 Lounge – Milwaukee, WI (facebook event)
Mar. 4 - Legend Comics – Omaha, NE (facebook event) *FREE*
Mar. 5 - Challengers Comics – Chicago, IL (facebook event)
Mar 6 - Singers Karaoke Club – Syracuse, NY (facebook event)
Mar. 7 - Bombers Burrito Bar - Albany, NY (facebook event)

Check us out! And more music soon.

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Gifted Student! New EP now available!


I have a new EP out! Available only at Bandcamp, you can buy it for $8 digital, or $10 physical shipping out February 3. Produced by Mikal kHill, with guest vocals by kHill, Sulfur and Mega Ran! Buy at this link, or through the embedded thingamabob above. 

I made this album with kHill in my ear, telling me to make the music I wanted to. And I’d say I did. It’s the best rapping I’ve done in a long time. It’s some of the more meaningful songs I’ve done in a while. And I’m very proud of it. It’s a commitment I’m making to myself, and making to you as well — to recommit myself to making the best music I can for you. It’s something that artists should do once in a while, take personal stock and re-up with themselves. We all slack off sometimes in whatever we do, but we recommit. We make good shit. I’m making that commitment to you today, and this EP is a good start on that.

I hope you’ll support by purchasing it. This is my full-time job, and the only way I can keep touring, keep making music, keep this site running is if I can sell enough merch and music along the way to keep the lights on. But you know that. You’re a part of the DIGITAL REVOLUTION, so I don’t need to tell you that. And I don’t need to tell you that if you can’t support, share it, listen to it, and enjoy it, and support where you can. There’s a lot of people out there trying to make their dream happen. Thank you for helping mine happen.

Come out and see me and Mikal on tour! Maybe I’ll do a sweet dance for you:

Feb. 27 
Pittsburgh Comics – Pittsburgh, PA (facebook event) *FREE*
Feb. 28
 - Shumatsucon – Columbus, OH
Mar. 1 – Green Brain Comics – Dearborn, MI (facebook event) *FREE*
Mar. 3 – TBA – Minneapolis, MN
Mar. 4 - Legend Comics – Omaha, NE (facebook event) *FREE*
Mar. 5 - Challengers Comics – Chicago, IL (facebook event)
Mar 6 Singers Karaoke Club – Syracuse, NY  (facebook event)
Mar. 7 - Bombers Burrito Bar - Albany, NY (facebook event)

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“Scott Lang” [new tunes]

Scott Lang cover

Adam WarRock “Scott Lang” (download MP3)
Beat used: Hoodie Allen “All About It”



Haven’t we been down this road before? A superhero movie that no one believes in, that no one actually wanted, doubters and haters on the Internet talking about how a first look is underwhelming? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m with them to some degree. But I’d say that Marvel has built up enough good will at this point that they can do whatever they want, and I’ll buy a ticket opening night, right? I mean, sure, I would’ve loved to see Edgar Wright do this movie, but it’s still another Marvel movie, and that, to me, is always a good thing.

I wrote a song a while ago about Hank Pym a while back (strangely, that Youtube video has over 11,000 views and it wasn’t even uploaded by me), and it only seemed appropriate to do a Scott Lang song to celebrate the new movie coming out.

I have a new EP, it’s coming out January 22. Produced by Mikal kHill, featuring Sulfur, Mega Ran, and kHill. You should get ready to buy it.

AW_GS_Cv1Me and kHill are also going to be touring in February, so I’ll announce those dates soon. Get ready for your jelly, or something!

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“Objection” – new track and Happy New Year


Adam WarRock “Objection” (download MP3)
Beat used: Just Blaze “I’m Talkin’ To You”


I usually spend the first song of the year as a kind of reset on the site. 2014 free tracks is wiped away, and a new year is upon us. Each year has been more eventful than the last, and this June will mark five years of full-time music. Toured the country. 2.4 Million youtube views. Life’s weird, isn’t it? For those who aren’t aware, I quit my job as a litigation attorney in 2010 to follow this weird dream of making nerd rap. It’s true, you can read this article about it on a fairly major legal news site. Weird, huh?

For the foreseeable future, I am going to be releasing a new EP this month. A small weeklong tour in February. Some cons and events here and there. And as always, the Donation Drive in June, where I raise the money it takes to keep a site like this running, where I release upwards of 100 free songs a year. Donors get rewards, we have a big Internet party, it’s a good dang time.

Money’s still tight, the future’s still unsure, the debt is real, but I wouldn’t trade these past four to five years for anything in the world. Here’s to another year of free music. Huzzah.

Oh, and Phoenix Wright is a pretty dope game. Though, he’s really hard to use in Marvel vs. Capcom.

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“Just the Music” [year-end post - digital sale]

just the music coverAdam WarRock “Just the Music” (Download MP3)
Beat used: Jason Derulo “Trumpets”

First, if you haven’t heard Jason Derulo’s “Trumpets,” you should go listen to it. It’s an amazing and incredibly weird and silly song, and I love it. 


It’s been another year of full-time music. What started out as a year where I was on tour for about five straight months supporting a new album, turned into me moving to Philadelphia, meeting my amazing girlfriend, being on television, and releasing a ton of music. Thank you to everyone who’s come to a show, listened to a track, bought an album, or supported this crazy dream of mine. I left my career job in June of 2010, and by the time next June comes around, it will have been five straight years of full-time music where I made it work. And though at times it’s been hard (ask Tribe One about sliding through intersections in the Minneapolis snow), I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

I’m honestly not sure about where the next year will take me or I’m releasing an EP in January, doing a few shows here and there, and working on the next full release album. Other than that, I don’t really know. I don’t know how much longer this can keep going, as life and other things get in the way, become more important. I’ve started to think a lot about the future, and maybe finding a way to transition to a job that would involve the things I love the most about these past five years, while maybe making the things I don’t like (uncertain paycheck, insane travel) a little less prevalent. I’m fairly certain that I will always make music in some form or fashion, just like I did back in college when I was making joke songs or diss tracks for just my friends. But I’m not sure that Adam WarRock will always be here. Which isn’t to say I’m quitting anytime soon, just the end of the year requires people to take stock of their lives, the future, everything. It gets you thinking.

I wouldn’t have survived this past year without my friends, without music people like Mikal kHill and Tribe One who keep me sane, without my loved ones around me. As the holidays and the new year roll around, take a second and tell the people you love how much they mean to you, however you can. There’s been so much death, so much tragedy, so much awful shit in the news this year (I guess there is every year), but there continues to be amazing things happening every day in small and huge ways, that it’s easy to forget how good we have it, no matter how much we struggle. I know I struggle with seeing the bad over the good, and I work on it everyday.

My mission at this site is to basically make music that might make your day better. I do it weekly because I know I like new stuff. It’s all just background noise, and I hope it gets you through a drive, through your workday, through a rough time. Sometimes you need that. I’m not writing Shakespeare here. I’m incredibly thankful that anyone listens, and likes it. Thank you for spending a few minutes here and there in your daily Internet rush to pay attention to my songs.

With that, is going on hiatus until 2015. Hopefully, when I come back, I’ll have the first single off the new EP to debut for you, and another year of making some free music for your ears.

In the spirit of the holidays, all music at my digital store is pay what you want (including NOTHING) until January 1. No pressure to buy anything, but half of all proceeds raised from now until January 1 will go to Cure AutisticAdvocacy.Org as a donation. If you’d rather just directly donate, you can do it here: 

Other than that, have a great and safe holidays and a happy new year.

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