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“Dust” b/w “Haters Gonna Hate” [free tunes]

Dust b-w Haters Gonna HateAdam WarRock “Dust” b/w “Haters Gonna Hate” (Download)

Beats used:
Jacob Latimore “Heartbreak Heard Around the World”

Ryan Brown “DTF”

I recently moved from Memphis, TN to the Philadelphia, PA area. After months of packing, dealing with movers, and getting my stuff to and from a total of 1,000 miles away was quite an ordeal, but I’m happy to be in my new place, all my stuff set up, and realizing that me and my gf have wayyyy too many books (we are literally going to Ikea tonight to buy bookshelves, so many bookshelves).

I don’t think I had ample time to fully process the move. I moved back to Memphis when I originally quit my full-time job to pursue music as a career. I chose Memphis because it was cheaper to live there than DC (obviously), but also because my family and my friends were there. I found a group of people, a support network, in Memphis that kept me afloat during the first two years where all I saw was money leave my bank account and little to no traction happening on my music career. I was there, celebrating when I saw every landmark and moment of success with music. And in the span of a few months, I had some opportunities, I had a good group of friends and I had a wonderful girlfriend in the Philly area, and it only made sense to take the leap. And now I’m here. Life’s kinda weird, isn’t it?

It’s a little disarming to go through your things, to see what you’ve let get dusty. You throw some stuff out, you box up some embarrassing books and albums, knowing full well they aren’t “you” anymore, but they are a part of you. They always will be. You throw hundreds of comics in a box, and then in a flash, you’re in a new apartment sitting next to a dog and trying decide if Uncanny X-Men should go before X-Men in your longboxes. I wrote this song somewhere in the middle of all of that. And then I wrote a little song for the haters for fun. You get a two-for-one today. That’s how nice a guy I am.

I’m excited for this new phase in my life. I’m excited to build a home here in Philly. And I’m sad to leave behind the dusty things that used to define me. I’ve moved a lot in the past decade, and I’m hoping this can be my home for a long time. This song’s about that, I guess.

I’d also be remiss if I didn’t say that I bit the title of this song from my friend Mikal kHill’s superb (and bleak) album, Dust, which I’m a guest on and you should check it out. 


I posted a Star-Lord song last week, to celebrate the release of The Guardians of the Galaxy. Thanks to the thousands of people who checked it out. Go peep it if you haven’t yet! And go see the movie! Bautista!!!

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 7.43.01 AMI’ll be at Otakon in Baltimore this week doing multiple shows! You should come see me perform! I’ll also be tabling in the Dealer’s Room, so just come by and say hi and grab a free sticker. Here’s my schedule.

Thursday – 8/7 – 1:00PM
Outdoor Matsuri – Free to the public!

Friday – 8/8 – 5:00PM
Concert in Live Programming Room – badges needed

Friday thru Sunday
Tabling in the Dealer’s room

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“Star-Lord” [Guardians of the Galaxy Rap - Free tunes]

starlord cover

Adam WarRock “Star-Lord” (Download MP3)
Beat Used: Lady Gaga “G.U.Y.”


guardians-of-the-galaxy-groot-rocketBy the end of this week, I will have seen a Guardians of the Galaxy movie. And let’s say, for one second that it is in fact very, very good. And that the world then loves the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. I don’t even know what is happening anymore in the world. But I am excited. So excited. Like I needed to hype this movie up even more – in a way it’s got more riding on it than the big tentpole movies in the Marvel-U, mostly because success with this title (both critically and commercially) would pretty much seal the deal that Marvel can go ahead and do whatever the hell they want. So I just made a Star-Lord song. Guys, by the end of this week, people may LOVE STAR-LORD. I don’t even know anymore.

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 7.43.01 AM

I’ll be at Otakon next week (August 7-10), performing at the Matsuri Thursday at 1:ooPM (free and open to the public) and inside Otakon at 5:00PM (pass needed). I’ll also be tabling in the con with Tribe One all weekend. You should come by and say hi. Bring Pocky.

T-shirts are not for sale online anymore, but I am going to do a second print run of them soon. Stay tuned. Yayerrrr.

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“Striker Eureka” [free tunes]

Striker Eureka coverAdam WarRock “Striker Eureka” (Download MP3)
Beat used: Rza “I Go Hard”


I recently rewatched Pacific Rim (on Blu-Ray!) and for some reason, decided to read up on the history of Striker Eureka. Reading that it was the first of the Mark 5 series and basically the last of the modern Jaegers to be made, it’s funny to me to think there was a time when everyone in the (fictional) world was celebrating how awesome Striker Eureka was, before the days of everyone in the (real) world would celebrate the name of Gipsy Danger. So I wrote a song about Striker; plus I’ve always loved that name, and wanted a song where that name was like, the anthemic cheer.

I dunno, I focus on the most left-of-center, fringe things I guess.

 I’m doing two shows in the next week, you should come see them!

Fri NYC - X-Travaganza Burlesque – Studio at Webster Hall 
Sun Greensboro, NC – Purrlesque Follies  - Blind Tiger

Come by and grab these new tshirts! I’ll be accepting pre-orders for these shirts until Friday, July 25, and then after that, you gotta come to a show son!


My new t-shirts are available for pre-order for only $15 ($3 extra for 2XL & 3XL), plus shipping. All orders will ship on or about July 25.

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“Krypton” & new Tshirts Pre-order

Krypton cover

Adam WarRock “Krypton” (Download MP3)
Beat used: Shado “Million”


Post-Donation Drive break is over, and I’m starting up the free music machine again. Been banking songs for you, and I’m ready to share them with the world. Also, still working on the next mixtape/theme-week, but trust me, it will be worth the wait. In other words, I’m back, y’all.


My new t-shirts are available for pre-order for only $15 ($3 extra for 2XL & 3XL), plus shipping. All orders will ship on or about July 25. I originally intended to only put up a number of shirts online for order, taking the rest on tour. But most of the sizes sold out within the first few hours. So I’m putting all the sizes up for order basically until July 25, after which I’ll be taking the rest on the road with me. So get yours while the getting is good!

Also, NYC and NC I’m doing shows in your area soon! Check it out!

July 25 - NYC – Webster Hall/X-Travaganza Burlesque 
July 27
 – Greensboro, NC – Blind Tiger/Purrrlesque Follies

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End of Donation Drive – thanks

steverogersgifDonation Drive 2014 is over! 600+ donors in 7 days. Thanks for all the support guys. I will leave the donate button up on the sidebar of the site basically through Monday, since so many people have asked me to so they can pay this weekend. All donors will get all the rewards, including the bonus content I sent out yesterday to all donors. So fret not, you’ll get your swag.

I am going to take a break from the web for a few days, and try to like, I dunno, not stare at a screen and think about promotion and things like that. Gonna start making some new music. I got a mixtape I have been meaning to attempt.

Have a great day, and thanks for all the support again. Seacrest out.

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