Throw another EP on the pile. I made these five songs in the past week. I’ve been using these EPs to try out some different flows and styles, less geeky stuff, etc. Hope you’re enjoying them.

Click on the cover art to download.

This will probably be the last bit of free music I release in 2011, as I am going to start recording my new album, due out in February 2012. It’s something I’ve been working on for a while, and hopefully you’ll all enjoy the hard work I’m going to put into it.


  1. 1.How Close (intro)

  2. 2.Chutes and Ladders

  3. 3.Juggernaut

  4. 4.Insincere

  5. 5.Full Stomachs f/ Beefy

  6. 6.I Used to Listen to De La Soul A Lot

  7. 7.Parthenon

Beats Used:

Rittz “After Mornin’”

Slaughterhouse “The One”

Kev Brown “Agape”

Joell Ortiz “Oh”

Common Market “Connect For”


Minimal Explanations

How Close (intro)
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind is one of my favorite movies. I love this quote. It’s so incredibly dark, and yet weirdly uplifting at the same time. A kick in the pants.

Chutes and Ladders
I just wanted to do a fast rap song. I blame it on all the Yelawolf I listen to


This is sorta geeky, no? It’s pretty self explanatory.


I have a friend who recently told me that in casual conversation, everything I say is cynical or ironic or sarcastic. I started to argue, and then I kind of realized that she’s right. So I wrote this song.

Full Stomachs

I love Beefy. Isn’t he great? We just made this song in about an hour.

I Used to Listen to De La Soul A Lot

Besides having an absurdly long title (which I love in songs), this song is a nice capper to 2011. “I Am I Be” is one of my favorite hip hop songs of all time. I think this may also be the first time I’ve said my first AND last name in a song.


I put this out on Black Friday, I thought I’d throw this on there. It’s about...I dunno, life or stuff.