About Me

Indie hip hop about pop culture. Nerd and geek stuff. Creator of The Browncoats Mixtape, Parks & Rec EP, Gravity Falls Rap, and a ton of other ephemeral Internet hits. Over 2 million views on Youtube. On tour performing everywhere. Loves pizza…

I didn’t do music because I wanted to make a grand statement about life, or about dreams, or about careers. I did it because I had nothing else to do. I was lost, and trying to just figure out what I wanted from my life, and all I knew was that I loved making music. In a lot of ways it was the first time I felt like myself, having lived for almost 30 years of my life feeling like I was in the skin of another person.

Life doesn’t make any sense. It’s full of these moments of great joy, and great failure. That’s what music has been, never just a boring time. Sometimes it’s hard to keep perspective, to realize that for every moment of insane frustration and outright maddening defeat, I’ve had these singular moments with people, honest to goodness face-to-face moments with real people that have irrevocably changed my life. Those happened because I chose to follow a path that in reality, made absolutely no sense. And I’m thankful for that.