Once a year, on the anniversary of me quitting my job, I do a donation drive. This is the only time each year that I ask for this kind of thing, which allows me to avoid doing donation buttons, kickstarters, fundraisers, and all those kinds of bothersome things. Everything I do is out of pocket, from travel to production to merch to whatever, and I try my best to give you upwards of 100+ free tracks a year. So if you’ve been enjoying what the Adam WarRock machine does, please consider donating.

Cover art for Longshot by Ming Doyle.

All other production credits included in the liner notes of the album.

For promotional purposes only.

Adam WarRock - Longshot

Exclusive MP3 mixtape album, featuring 12 tracks of all new music unavailable anywhere else

Adam WarRock - The Singles

Free MP3 download of my singles album, including “Starving Artist,” new b-side “Danny Glover” and more!

Full tracklisting here

Adam WarRock Comic

by Ed Piskor

An exclusive, autobiographical digital comic written by me,  drawn by artist Ed Piskor (American Splendor, Wizzywig)

Note: all downloads will be emailed to your paypal email, unless otherwise directed in the notes of your donation.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for a wonderful 2 years of making music, of doing live shows, and collecting memories that will last me a lifetime. I love making music, and I know that I’m only able to do it because of your support. Thank you. And here’s to another year of awesomeness.

Thank You Sketch by Chris Haley

A thank you sketch by LBFA artist Chris Haley!