Short Scale Bass Strings

Short Scale Bass Strings

This article is based on short scale bass strings. One of the most important things is choosing the perfect strings for your short-scale bass strings guitars and As these are short-scale bass strings thus these mostly have a limited range; however, they are still good enough to make good bass guitar strings.

How to Clean Guitar Strings Best Guide in 2021

This article is based on How to Clean Guitar Strings. So, this quarantine has struck us all with boredom that we all cannot deal with. In addition to this, jokes aside, this quarantine provides us the safety that we all need. So, let’s restrict ourselves within homes and practice social distancing.

Slash Guitar Technique is The Best Learn Guitar

Slash Guitar Technique is The Best Learn Guitar

If you are a guns n roses lover, you should learn the slash guitar technique to upgrade your guitar playing lesson technique. First, using Slash’s methods and style, you will learn how the guitarist plays the guitar. Moreover, after learning the slashing process, you can utilize them in your different music suggestions.

guitar exercise for speed

Guitar Exercises for Speed

In this article, we will explore a couple of exercises and challenge the ideas based on Guitar exercises for speed. So to help and build speed and accuracy. Otherwise, all of the following exercises require the structure and use of a metronome.

Best microphone for acoustic guitar

Best Microphone for Acoustic Guitar

The acoustic guitars are ideal for pop, country, rock, blues, folk, and many other music styles. Moreover, These are the most popular instruments in the music world because of their specific and unique features.  Furthermore, These also provide excellent sound quality. Most importantly, for using the acoustic guitar you must use the best microphone for acoustic guitar.

how many strings does a guitar have

How Many Strings Does a Guitar Have

A lute was a stringed instrument. Like lute, these are mainly ancient instruments. So many questions arise above all that how many strings does a guitar have? There are many different types of guitars. Most guitars have six strings, but not in every case.

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